60 Reasons My 2-Year Old Had A Tough Day

Life of a 2-year old is tough, it’s not all lego-building and watching Peppa Pig. Here are some reasons why my 2-year old had a tough day:  
  1. His Lego won’t come apart
  2. His Lego won’t “stick” together
  3. He tried to eat his yoghurt with his hands and now his hands are dirty
  4. He washed his hands and now the ends of his sleeves are wet
  5. He wanted “stawbewwy and jam” toast, but actually wanted his sister’s toast
  6. He wanted the blue plate and not the green plate
  7. There was too much milk in his cereal
  8. There was too little milk in his cereal
  9. The cat doesn’t want to hug him back
  10. The cat ran away from him
  11. The dog is looking at him
  12. His sister doesn’t want him to wear her new princess dress
  13. His sister let him wear her new princess dress, but it’s too big
  14. He got stuck in a princess dress
  15. His red baby boots are too small for him, but he wants to wear them
  16. His new boots are not red
  17. We won’t let him eat the catfood
  18. His shirt does not have a tag in it
  19. He asked for chips, only to realize half way through that he actually wanted pizza
  20. He is crying because he doesn’t want to go grocery shopping, even though we have repeatedly told him we are not going anywhere
  21. We are out of Oreos, because he ate them all
  22. Dad showed him the rhino beetle he found outside and he freaked out
  23. We wouldn’t allow him to electrocute himself by letting him push his crayon into the power socket
  24. He threw his socks in the toilet
  25. He dropped his toy dinosaur in the toilet
  26. He dropped his dummy in the toilet and I threw it in the bin
  27. The toys are taking up too much space in the bath
  28. There are not enough toys in the bath
  29. The toys got wet in the bath
  30. He did not want to bath
  31. He did not want to get out of the bath
  32. He was upset because I put his jacket hood up because it was cold outside
  33. There was a sausage hidden in his hot dog and it was the end of the world
  34. The pizza’s didn’t come out of the oven cold
  35. The ice cream is too cold
  36. I threw his poop nappy away before he could look at it
  37. His poop was yellow instead of brown
  38. I wouldn’t let him drive the car
  39. I wouldn’t unbuckle his car seat while driving on the freakin highway so he could look at the cows (not that I would unbuckle his car seat during any other part of our trip)
  40. His spaghetti broke in half when he was slurping it up, now he can’t eat any of it
  41. I made him wear a Stormtrooper onesie
  42. The floor was shiny and he didn’t know how to walk on it
  43. His Oreo broke and I can’t fix it
  44. His room is too messy… because he threw all of his toys on the floor
  45. I wiped his bum and took his poo away
  46. I wouldn’t let him wipe my bum
  47. His nappy has a picture of Winnie de Pooh and not Mickey Mouse, this was deeply upsetting for him!
  48. I stuck the stickers he wanted on his arms… on his arms. He was so angry at me…
  49. The fly was bugging him
  50. He couldn’t stop crying because I killed the fly
  51. He couldn’t fit all his crayons in one hand
  52. He couldn’t draw a pony
  53. I couldn’t draw a pony (I’ve been rendered useless)
  54. I wouldn’t let him kiss me with his tomato sauce & drool covered face
  55. His sister coughed next to him
  56. I wouldn’t let him touch the heater
  57. The dog farted him awake
  58. I wouldn’t share my wine with him
  59. I wiped his nose and took his snot away…. I had no right
  60. I wouldn’t let him drool on my face
Poor child.   Can you relate to this? Or am I insane? 

20 thoughts on “60 Reasons My 2-Year Old Had A Tough Day

  1. MomOfTwoLittleGirls says:

    Haha … love this! My daughter is recovering from being quite sick and had a rough day similar to this on sunday. She too had too much/ not enough milk, and her sister looked at her or touched her way too much! She’s 6 next week! ?

  2. Simone Human says:

    I literally laughed out loud for most of these. my son is 6 months old now. I wonder what joys lay ahead for me in this regard. Knox is so adorable!

  3. Carly Clarke says:


  4. Lalannie says:

    Bliss!!! Have you ever!!! Can I please move in with you… your kids are so funny 😉 33.There was a sausage hidden in his hot dog and it was the end of the world hahaha

  5. Cari-Lee Guthrie says:

    Ahhh thank you for this 🙂 Made my day by giving me a good laugh as well as knowing I AM NOT ALONE!!! My little boy will be 3 in April (and his 1 year old sister is starting way quicker with the ‘vloer-moers’ than he ever did! They are conspiring against me I swear!)

    Also looking back thinking of the times I got mad about the similar situations feeling like a bad mom for not handling them better. Today I will be better and more patient and have a laugh when all the chaos subsides and the kiddos are asleep.

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