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My Story – Living With Depression & Bipolar Disorder #LetsTalk

It’s good to talk about your struggles and how you plan to overcome them, it is good to talk to people who understand… and to reach put to those that don’t in the hopes of ending a stigma that really should not be there in the first place. It is good to just let it […]

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – St. Marie | Stone Sour

It is no secret by now that I have been struggling with Bipolar Disorder and Depression for most of my life, I have been pretty vocal about it. It is not that I want attention, it is that I truly think that mental illnesses should be spoken about more openly. If we remove the stigma and […]

How To Deal With Negativity Online

I have been on a bit of a positivity train – it is a blog post for another time, but it has truly changed my life. That being said, I am quite new to it and sometimes it is easy to let the negativity creep in. It is especially easy when negativity starts seeping through […]

Listeriosis – The Precautions You Should Be Taking, Tips & Symptoms

By now we all know that we have a big problem, but I think many do not realize the scope of the Listeriosis outbreak. Across South Africa, the outbreak of the food-borne disease has been reported as possibly being the largest outbreak of its kind the world has ever seen. This disease has already claimed more […]

{WIN} A BeSafe iZi Combi X4 ISOfix Worth R8999! {& Review} #CarseatFullstop

So I know that I normally write the reviews around here, but it made more sense for my husband to write this one. A) He actually reads instruction manuals, B) he uses it every day as he takes the kids to school and fetches them and C)… well, he just gets these things. So, here […]

Embracing Motherhood – Judgement Free

  I will be celebrating my 7th Mother’s Day this year… and what a journey it has been. As I am sitting here in my bed, exhausted from another restless night with a sick 2-year old, waking up to a day that brings deadlines to be met, a gazillion toys scattered all over the floor, dishes in the sink, […]

Not Being Able To Afford A Car Seat Is No Excuse – There Are Options! #CarSeatFullStop

Car seats are expensive – no doubt about it, but please don’t use it as an excuse. There is absolutely no reason for your baby not to be strapped into a car seat, after all – your most important job in this world is to keep your child safe. Always.

To The Mom Sitting In The NICU With Her Premature Baby…

I see you, and I know how you feel… I have been there myself, I was you 11 months ago. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you – but this letter is for you.  I don’t know why your baby came into this world prematurely – whether it was due to pre-term labor, preeclampsia, multiple […]

Having A Premature Baby… What I Will Never Forget

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, so I thought it only fitting to write a post about it seeing as I have first hand experience. My son, Knox, was born a month early. There is no concrete explanation as to why, but what I can tell you is that it was one of the scariest experiences […]