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The Art Of Letting Go

Life is beautiful, so many amazing and positive things happen in our lives every single day. The problem is that there is also lot of negative, and negative emotions weigh a lot more than positive ones. They become so heavy that they consume us. The weight pressing down feels so overbearing and intrusive that we […]

My Story – Living With Depression & Bipolar Disorder #LetsTalk

It’s good to talk about your struggles and how you plan to overcome them, it is good to talk to people who understand… and to reach put to those that don’t in the hopes of ending a stigma that really should not be there in the first place. It is good to just let it […]

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – St. Marie | Stone Sour

It is no secret by now that I have been struggling with Bipolar Disorder and Depression for most of my life, I have been pretty vocal about it. It is not that I want attention, it is that I truly think that mental illnesses should be spoken about more openly. If we remove the stigma and […]

How To Deal With Negativity Online

I have been on a bit of a positivity train – it is a blog post for another time, but it has truly changed my life. That being said, I am quite new to it and sometimes it is easy to let the negativity creep in. It is especially easy when negativity starts seeping through […]

Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit

I have had so many people message, e-mail and phone me to ask what is going on… what happened… what have I done??? Well, I am going to try to explain it all. This post is about why and how I quit my job with no solid back-up plan, just a lot of hopes and […]

Roses For Thorns – Showing You My Darkness

I have been meaning to post this for the longest time, but I just have not been in the right head space to do it. I have been working through some things… depression, anger, fear, anxiety, pain. The whole reason I was asked to do this photo shoot was because I was strong, because I […]

Overcoming Comparison

Have you ever heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”? It is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt, and I use it quite often. Why? Because it is absolutely, undeniably and completely true. I speak from experience. For the longest time I found myself drowned out by a sea of voices. These voices were telling […]

Today I Did Something Amazing… I Wore A F@%*ing Swimsuit

Today I did something pretty freakin’ amazing. Well, it is to me anyway. See, it was the first time in 7-years I was able to do it… We had some errands to run in town, and afterwards the kids were begging me to go to the beach. Normally I don’t take them to the beach […]

Who Are You?

You would think that when you have been alive for 28-years, have an established career, a family, home and you are surrounded by friends you have carefully chosen and who chose you back – that the need to ask this question should no longer be there? That happiness and love and all things glittery should […]

Grief & Mortality

You might have noticed that things have been a little quiet over here these past few weeks, with only the occasional giveaway popping up. You see, I have been a little lost, and depressed, and generally… just not coping.   I know, we are not supposed to admit these things. Us moms have it all […]