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It’s A Boy! What Do You Do With Them?!

I do not have any experiences with little boys.. I have three sisters and pretty much only female cousins. I also have absolutely no experience with changing little boy’s diapers, but all the stories I hear involve some sort of pee malfunction. ALWAYS. Usually in the facial region. I don’t think I will handle streaming pee in my face with calmness and grace. And my mascara is very expensive.

Toddlers And Body Positivity… 3 Going On 13

I often look at Mikayla while she is sleeping or watching a her favourite show on TV, I’ll look at her pink cheeks and her little nose, her pouty lips and long legs, her small little fingers, her long eyelashes and think – I made those with my body. Every piece of her; I’m like a sorceress or some sort of magical fairy goddess. I remember thinking that I would be crushed if she ever hated one bit of herself.