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Dear Princess Kate.. I’m Sorry (And Congratulations)

Dear Princess Kate, Yesterday you strutted out of Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in London looking like you were ready for an audience with The Queen (which is probably exactly what you were ready for, now that I think about it). Holding your newborn baby and with a smile that would make ovaries around […]

Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit

I have had so many people message, e-mail and phone me to ask what is going on… what happened… what have I done??? Well, I am going to try to explain it all. This post is about why and how I quit my job with no solid back-up plan, just a lot of hopes and […]

Our First Term In Grade 1 – What Just Happened?

My little girl started Grade 1 this year – I don’t know where the time has gone, but the first term is done and dusted and I am just left here catching my breath. With this being my very first “big school” mom experience, I had absolutely no idea what to expect – but I […]

When You Get A Little Too Close To Becoming A Statistic

I love our home… I really, really love it. The big windows looking out onto the bush and animal enclosures; watching the full-moon from our makeshift skylight in the loft; the fact that the whole house is actually slightly skew; standing in front of my big stove and looking straight at Table Mountain; The wind […]

6 Ways To Get Amazing Sleep While You’re Pregnant

Sleep is so important. Not only is it how we spend over one-third of our lives, but it’s also the time that our body uses to refresh and recharge, where our mind resets itself, and when all of our body’s processes and systems prepare for the next day’s work.      When you’re pregnant, your […]

Bringing Home A New Puppy – Tips & Checklist (And Meet Our Kylo!)

When our puppy, Luna, passed away a few months ago from Distemper – I was devastated. I was not thinking about getting another puppy for quite some time, but as fate would have it… there was another little baby in dire need of a home. We took Kylo in, and he has been such a […]

Roses For Thorns – Showing You My Darkness

I have been meaning to post this for the longest time, but I just have not been in the right head space to do it. I have been working through some things… depression, anger, fear, anxiety, pain. The whole reason I was asked to do this photo shoot was because I was strong, because I […]

Your Period After Pregnancy – Someone Has To Talk About It (+ Your Questions Answered)

I am not going to lie, I was a little terrified about publishing this post. For so many years I have been made to feel ashamed about my period, it is just not something we, as women, talk about. Periods are completely natural and normal, yet we are constantly told to “keep it to ourselves”. […]

Holy Ship Guys – Can We Talk About The Cost Of Schooling?

Before I go too deep down this spiraling rabbit hole of school fees, can I just say that I appreciate teachers. I appreciate the men and women that teach my kids things that I can’t, who look after them and keep them safe while I work my butt off to afford their services. I do […]

Overcoming Comparison

Have you ever heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”? It is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt, and I use it quite often. Why? Because it is absolutely, undeniably and completely true. I speak from experience. For the longest time I found myself drowned out by a sea of voices. These voices were telling […]