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Feeling All Touched- Out

For the longest time I did not have the words to describe how I am feeling. I thought it was just my anxiety acting up, or a side-effect of PPD. But I realized what it was during this last growth spurt, as my husband handed Nova to me for what felt like the millionth time […]

Nova’s Birth Story

I am 8 weeks postpartum, its 4:05 am in the morning and I felt the intense urge to pen down the newest addition to our family’s birth story. Crazy right? The thing is, I am forgetting things lately… and I want to remember this. Things happened so fast that we could not have our birth […]

A Comprehensive Checklist – Hospital Bag For Mom & Baby

My recent stint in hospital was a great reminder of what you really need when heading to the hospital to bring your little baby into the world. This being my third pregnancy, and having each baby at a different hospital kind of makes me an expert. Just kidding – but I do feel like I […]

Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Refrigerator Tutorial

In my own home, every item has a story. Instead of just replacing it because it looks a tad worse for wear and spending loads of money – I would rather just give it a make-over. It’s fun, it’s rewarding and it will save you some cash. As the saying goes – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

The Art Of Letting Go

Life is beautiful, so many amazing and positive things happen in our lives every single day. The problem is that there is also lot of negative, and negative emotions weigh a lot more than positive ones. They become so heavy that they consume us. The weight pressing down feels so overbearing and intrusive that we […]

7 Things I Learned In 7 Years Of Marriage

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. It has been such a crazy few weeks that we both almost missed it… but here we are. I find it amazing, looking back, how much life can change in 7-years. How much we have changed, how much we have grown and how quickly it all went by. Time is […]

I Embrace Body Positivity – And I Still Want To Lose Weight

Guys, I want to tell you something… I love my body. I love what it is capable of. I love what it has done for me, I love that I created two, beautiful humans with it and that it gets me places. I was scared to share my journey with Aesthetics 11 with you, for […]

My Story – Living With Depression & Bipolar Disorder #LetsTalk

It’s good to talk about your struggles and how you plan to overcome them, it is good to talk to people who understand… and to reach put to those that don’t in the hopes of ending a stigma that really should not be there in the first place. It is good to just let it […]

Adulting Is So Much Harder Than I Expected…

There is one pretty important lesson that I NEED to teach my kids, and that is to manage their expectations when it comes to being an adult. Yeah, it’s all fun and games when you are a student, living in your own place and making your own rules while mom and dad cover the bills […]