Childhood Is Magical… Mikayla’s Whimsical Photoshoot

There is something in all of us, a sliver of innocence left from our youth, that comes alive when we read a good story, watch a movie, or look into our children’s’ eyes. This is our truest selves, the part that still believes in fairy tales. When I look at my children, I feel that spark inside my heart, maybe magic is real… it must be.

My daughter has the most incredible imagination, that combined with her unique personality sets her apart to anyone I have ever known. She makes me believe in the impossible, with her elaborate stories and innocent view of the world surrounding her. To my kids every day brings discoveries, wonder, and excitement. Every day is new. I hope they always feel this way. It scares me sometimes… how do I protect this innocence? This pure, absolute happiness they feel? I miss being a kid… being an adult and a parent is like the craziest juggling act between making flower crowns and making money, life’s magic fades out to deadlines and responsibilities.

Well, every once in a while – in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale… My love for my family makes my life magical… Lauren did a family shoot for us a while back, I noticed then that she was so good with my kids – and she had an amazing ability to capture their true selves.

When she asked me if she could do a fairy shoot with Mikayla I immediately said yes… and when you see the incredible images below you will see why. To capture the essence of a fairy tale in a photograph, there has to be a sense of magic, wonder or mystery, with a blend of fantasy and reality in an immersive world. Lauren does this perfectly – that is why I know that her new venture, Pretty Wonderful Portraiture, will be a huge success!

I am in awe of these amazing photo’s. Thank you Lauren – you are an amazing photographer and a wonderful person. Pretty Wonderful Portraiture focuses on high quality children’s photography and stylized shoots. She does beautiful prints and photo books – so get in touch with her! For this shoot Mikayla wore beautiful handmade dresses from Pretty Pink – if you have a little girl you HAVE to check out her Facebook page and website, I just placed an order for two dresses for Miki as Christmas and birthday presents they are so affordable and the quality is incredible. Mikayla also wore a beautiful flower crown made by Dear Dolly! Anyhoo… let me know what you think!

Mikayla's Magical Photoshoot
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