DIY Dressing Table – Fit For A Princess (& Budget Friendly)

I will never forget the day my parents got me my very own dressing table. I felt so grown-up, so special. I felt like a princess… it was a beautiful pine wood dresser with mirrors at the side that you could move inward and hand-painted porcelain handles on the drawers. I used it to display all my treasures – my mom and gran’s empty perfume bottles, photo’s of my beloved Kevin (Backstreet’s back, alright!), my assortment of butterfly clips, all the sticky lip gloss tubes in the world and a can of Impulse Spice Girls Special Edition body spray.

Dressing tables have changed quite a bit over the years – the ornate carvings, drawers, and mirrors of the Victorian era; the dramatic and sharp features of those from the Art Deco period; through to the simpler, more functional and minimalist designs of more recent times. Dressing tables… the stories they could tell. The times I have sat in front of my mirror… getting ready for my first day at school, my first dance contest, my first performance, my first date, my mom teaching me how to do my make-up for the first time, drying my eyes after my first break-up, crying after my first failed perm experiment… they hold some fascinating stories and memories behind them. That is why I spent hours looking through Gumtree for the perfect dressing table for Mikayla.

And I found it… for R400.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well… I am going to show you how to turn any old dressing table into a work of art! I also had this old stool standing around and I thought it could be the perfect addition.

Step 1 – A Lick Of Paint

It is insane how a fresh coat of paint can transform an old piece of furniture and give it new life. I opted for an old-white as I have always found optical white to be too harsh. Be sure to cover the surface underneath the furniture you are painting with some newspaper, a plastic sheet or even black bags to prevent damaging your floors. Cost of paint: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ 1 Litre Tin @ R250.00 and I used about 500ml for this project. The nice thing about the Annie Sloan paint is that you don’t need a primer or a varnish!

Step 2 – Flower Power

I have always found adding texture and dimension to a piece of furniture is a sure way to make it unique and let it stand out. I bought some artificial flowers which I then placed around the mirror. I attached them by using panel pins to nail and secure them into the wood. It is he best way to make sure that they are secure and that they will not fall off. Using any type of glue intended to stick plastic to wood is not only costly, but can also get really messy. There is no guarantee that it will stick – a thin panel pin is a better option. The real trick is to find artificial flowers that don’t look too plastic and cheap. Cost of flowers: R250

Step 3 – Let’s recover

The black velvet did not quite match my vision, so I measured the pillow area and got a piece of dusty pink velvet fabric to cover it up. I needed such a little piece that the local fabric store gave it to me for free! Score! Anyway, all you need to do is measure the surface area and a little extra for the lip. I used an old piece of curtain trimming and some drawing pins to secure it to the wood. Once secure, I trimmed away the excess fabric and viola!

And just like that, you have a dressing table that would any little girl (or adult) squeal with joy!

Total Cost: R775

Would you like to see more DIY tutorials? What do you think of the transformation?



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