Is Your Child A Little Artist? Enter The #oteescolouryourworld” Competition!

I don’t know how your kids feel about coloring in, but my kids LOVE it. If there is a press drop, they are more excited about the box because it can be transformed into a space ship. If there is a scrap piece of paper lying around, you are sure to get a personalized greeting card. Their colouring-in books are filled within the day, even my walls could not escape their crayons when they were younger! Being an artistic mom, I showcased every single artwork proudly.

It is the one thing that keeps them busy for hours, and something we quite enjoy doing as a family. When I was getting the kids ready for school this morning, they saw the new cereal boxes and got so excited. Not only was it their favourite cereal (OTEES is freakin’ delicious, but also brilliant for making edible necklaces and artworks!), the box was different. Instead of the usual graphics, there were only outlines of drawings…

So what’s that about? Glad you asked. OTEES is hosting an amazing competition where the ultimate winner will have their entry printed on an OTEES box which will be available as a limited edition in stores throughout June/July. I will be one of the judges to choose one the top 100 entries, each of those 100 will receive a case of OTEES with their design printed on the box. From there the top 10 will be chosen, and those top 10 artworks will be loaded on to the OTEES SA Facebook page for the public to vote on their favourite.

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@oteessa is basicly at the top of the food pyramid in our home, but I don't mind too much as it is a great source of wholegrains, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Have you seen the new competition they are running? You have to buy the new Otees cereal box (the one that has the artwork outlines), get your kids to colour it in, register online at the link in my bio, post a photo of your child's artwork on the website, the Otees SA Facebook page OR on your own Facebook/ Instagram page (BUT you must use the hashtag #oteescolouryourworld ) and Otees will select their top 10 designs. The top 10 will be featured on their Facebook page where the community will vote for their favourite one…THAT DESIGN WILL BECOME THE LIMITED EDITION PACK IN STORE JUNE/JULY. How amazing is that?? That's not all… I get to choose one of the top 100 entrants to make it through to the next round, and all 100 selected will get a case of Otees with their design on! Do you have any questions? Are you going to enter?? Blogpost to follow on Monday. . . . #sponsored @haveyouheard_agency

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How to enter:

  1. Start by creating an account atΒ
  2. Submit your unique code that can be found on the OTEES pack to unlock the online design game and register your details to be eligible to win.
  3. Β You can also colour in the actual box, but you still need to register your details online.
  4. Take a photo of your artwork and submit it online ( or post it to the OTEES SA Facebook page. You can also post it on your own Facebook or Instagram page as an entry, but most important is to ALWAYS use the hashtag #oteescolouryourworld
  5. The top 100 artworks will be chosen by myself and a few other judges – so please tag me in your photo’s and posts so that I know you are one of my readers? The top 100 will all receive a case of OTEES with their artworks on the boxes! Upload your artwork to Instagram or Facebook and tag me to show me! Three of my readers will walk away with a case of their own, signatureΒ Otees.
  6. From the 100 finalists, OTEES will select the top 10 artworks and load it onto their Facebook page – the public will then get a chance to vote for their favourite.
  7. The ultmate winner will have their artwork printed on the limited edition OTEES box which will be available in stores June/July

This competition ends END March – so better hurry!!!


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One thought on “Is Your Child A Little Artist? Enter The #oteescolouryourworld” Competition!

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    This is so cool…like to have the chance to have your artwork printed on the box???EEEK! I begged my daughter to do this yesterday as we have a few of these boxes at home, but the rascal refused. She eats oatees by the bucket…we go through at least 2 to 3 boxes a week. She’s like…mom if we win a case of oatees what would we do with all of it? I was like…really????? You who eats it for breakfast, lunch and supper???

    I’m going to ask my 6yr old instead….he may be up for the challenge.

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