{Kids Book Review} Anya & Gundi In Cape Town by L.J. Carly

Perfect for adventurous, travel-loving families!

This proudly South African children’s book is the first of a series and creates a fun twist around the myth of the white tablecloth on Table Mountain and presents itself as a mythical travel guide for families. Anya has a best friend unlike any other. He is a ghost named Gundi, a ghost that seems scared of everything and anxious about it all! Together they unfold well-known local myths of fantastic cities to help excite kids about exploring the world.

During their family holiday in Cape Town, Anya & Gundi set out to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Table Mountain. Their journey starts at the famous V& A Waterfront and takes them all around the Cape Peninsula. The first book in this series tells the legendary story about a pipe-smoking contest that, according to the myth, causes the famous tablecloth on the top of Table Mountain.

“Ghosts are old souls who have seen a lot. Ghosts fly, they never sleep – they don’t need to, and they like to fool around. They’re everywhere but are invisible to people. Only animals are lucky enough to see them, oh and one little girl named Anya”

At the end of the book, the author has included a To Do’s In Cape Town list for families that ties in nicely with the story – I love the idea.

It is a relatively easy book to read and has illustrations on every page by the talented Shan Fischer. I would say that this book is geared towards ages 7+.

I think that this is a lovely way to teach children about various myths, the rich history surrounding cities and add a dash of courage. I feel that it is important to read them the actual myth laid out at the end of the book, for them to learn something new and exciting to accurately share with their classmates. At parts, I felt that the idea of ghosts was a bit sad, and maybe a little much for the little ones who are more sensitive.                                                       

Rating: 6/10

Anya and Gundi is available in most Exclusive Books stores across Cape Town and retails from about R135 each.

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