Lauprene – A Kick-Ass Handbag Review

The Lauprene bag is the multipurpose functional carryall that allows you easy access to everything you need without losing your sense of style. I first saw this bad boy over at Following The Bean‘s blog and she made it look soooo good! A few weeks later they contacted me and asked me to review the bag myself, and I was ecstatic! This bag was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing, but all opinions are my own.

Lauprene - A Kick-Ass Handbag Review
Photo credit: Chenel Kruger

My default choice when it comes to fashion, bags or accessories is always to go for black – but I wanted to put this bag to the test so I chose the white option. I wanted to see if I could keep a white handbag clean with two toddlers… and guess what? I could. It cleans SO EASILY!

Forget stressing about a juice box leaking or half eaten cheese curls being thrown back into your bag, because the neoprene fabric is actually machine washable. And I have tested that myself – I have washed my Lauprene in the machine twice and it still looks good as new. The straps are made from sailing rope and it’s lightweight, which is a win because we all know being a mom means carrying the entire contents of your house with you. And boy, it fits a lot… like more than a lot. Actually, I found it hard to fill it completely.

Lauprene - A Kick-Ass Handbag Review
Photo credit: Chenel Kruger

The Pro’s


It’s BIG

And we all know, big is beautiful. Mind you, it’s not big in a way that drowns you out or looks clumsy – it is so cleverly designed with big metal poppers on the sides which allows it to expand when opened.


Made of neoprene (wet-suit fabric), with rope handles and completely MACHINE WASHABLE! Neoprene is such a durable material, so it can hold quite a bit of weight – it will take a lot to tear this beautiful bag.


This bag is gorgeous, fashionable and classy – and one of the very few bags that would suit almost any occasion. whether you are spending a day at the beach, taking your kids to swimming lessons, spending the day at the park, heading to an important work meeting, hitting the gym, going shopping or having lunch with friends – it just works.

The Con’s


If you are into hard, structured bags – this won’t work for you…

The Lauprene bag could come across as a little flimsy if you are not used to soft bags.

It is a bit expensive

At R899 it is not cheap, but it is a great investment. The quality is amazing, it will survive your kids.

You can order yours at

Lauprene - A Kick-Ass Handbag Review
Photo credit: Chenel Kruger
Lauprene - A Kick-Ass Handbag Review
Photo credit: Chenel Kruger

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