Meet My Dad – Interview With Mikayla Rose

I love doing these little interviews with Mikayla, I love looking back on them later on in life and remembering what she was like at the time. I have started doing random ones every now and then that I keep in a box to include in the letter book I am making to give to her on her 21st birthday, along with the ones we do on special occassions like birthdays. This one was done on Fathers Day 2015 … Interview - Dad Toddler What is dad’s name? Cole, you know this mom! How tall is your daddy? 26…no wait…21. Maybe 25. What does daddy do for fun? Play nice games with me and Tetris. What is Tetris? It’s a secret. What is daddy’s hair like? Yesterday it was curly, today it was very short… when he was a baby it was lined, you know, when he was a baby. What does your daddy do at work? He builds stuff. What is daddy’s favourite food? Salad (it really is not.) What makes daddy the best? When he shares with me. Dad – don’t forget to share with me when you have nice things that taste nice! What does dad like to drink? Beer. What is your favourite thing to do with dad? Kiss him and skateboard!
Photo by Lauren Pretorius Photography
Photo by Lauren Pretorius Photography
How old is daddy? I don’t know… 20. Mom! Don’t write that! I’m still guessing! *(runs and asks dad)* 29. He is 29. I knew it. Where did you and your daddy meet? *hahahahahaha* We did not meet each other silly, I came out of your tummy! What do you want your dad to teach you? About building stuff! What does he always say to you? I love you. What is your favourite thing about your dad? His laughing! What makes him happy? When I am being good. And what makes him sad? His face is blue when he is sad. What is your dad really good at? Building and hugging and making lava. And what is he really bad at? Flying. What is your happiest memory of your dad? Going to the top of the mountain, through the scary forest and fighting the big BAD WOLF! Meet My Dad - Interview With Mikayla Rose

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