Mikayla Designed Her Perfect Barbie Dress… And Then They Made It! (+WIN)

Mikayla has always been fascinated with my career as a fashion designer. When she was very little, she used to come in to the office with me and fall asleep on the rolls of fabric. She would watch me so intently, and then mimic everything I do. To this day, whenever she gets a blank piece of paper, you will find her in the sunniest spot designing dresses that I have to make.

We would spend hours making clothes for her Barbies and doing “fashion shows”… this girl just has it in her blood. When she was contacted by Barbie (Blue Horizon Licensing for us adults) and asked to design her perfect Barbie Dress – she basically squealed for an hour straight. This is what my 7-year old came up with… and I had my doubts.


The dress arrived yesterday, with not only her custom made design executed perfectly – but also a mini version for her Barbie. It made her day, and she believes that Barbie sent it to her which makes it even more special. What do you think of Mikayla’s creation? If you think your daughter would love something like this, check out the amazing competition below the overflow of Mikayla photo’s. Also, please leave Mikayla a comment and let her know what you think of her design?

The Barbie magazine is running a designing competition for young girls in their May and June issue. Girls will have the opportunity to enter the design competition and potentially then WIN having their dress made for them and their Barbie Doll. They will then have a photoshoot and be featured in a Barbie Magazine. The judge for this incredible competition will be  the ever-fashionable LeAnne Dlamini. I would love to see your kids’ designs, so please upload them onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and tag me!


7 thoughts on “Mikayla Designed Her Perfect Barbie Dress… And Then They Made It! (+WIN)

  1. Sherry-Anne De Ponte says:

    So gorgeous! Love the colours she chose. Its a good thing she is not afraid of colour. My daughter is 6 and has major obsession with dolls…this would be her dream come true for sure

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh this is so incredibly special !! Hearing about this comp made me wish for girls so badly ! Well well done Mikayla your dress is beautiful just as you are!

  3. Lianda Colquhoun says:

    Hi Mikayla, I think your dress design is beautiful and creative! You can be very proud of yourself as I am sure your parents are.💓

  4. Cath says:

    It’s beautiful – love that the colours are a mixture of the Disney Princesses dress colours 🙂 – Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

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