Our Weekly Update! 01/07

School holidays are kicking my butt.

Seriously, it’s rough out here in the wilderness guys. I love having my kids around, but it also makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom, lie in an empty bathtub and drink wine. And yes, I’ve done that. It’s my own fault, I did not plan ahead. I thought I would just wing it – but it’s not working out great for me.

Trying to work with a tiny baby, a toddler and a tween at home are not for sissies. How are you all coping? Do I just suck at being a mom? Or maybe this is totally normal – because it’s just me. I don’t have a nanny or a maid… it’s just me. Well, me and the husband – but he is launching a kick-ass company from scratch so he is a tad pre-occupied.

Anyway. I will survive. Here’s a little update of the past two weeks – sorry that I skipped last week. The storm knocked out our electricity and then we had endless wifi issues – so I thought I would publish this update on the blog as well as send it out with my weekly mailer. If you have not signed up for our newsletter, you can do that here -> Sign up for our newsletter!

Blog Posts Published

The Doona™ – So Much More Than Just A Car Seat {Review}

WIN 1 of 3 Black & White Magical Tales Baby Gyms! {+ Review)

Feeling All Touched- Out

Rad stuff I mentioned on my Instagram stories this week

Holiday ‘Beets’  – I wish I did not overbook myself so badly, I would have loved to take the kids to this! If you are in Cape Town and the kids are driving you mental, you should get in touch with Creative Beetroot!


Janine Binneman’s website is live! So honoured that I got to play a very small part. Very, very small. She trusted me enough to do the copy and I loved it. What a kick-ass website.

Melissa Delport – my absolute favourite South African author. You have to check her books out, they are incredible.

Exact Burgundy Pleated Velvet skirt

Hipporoo Baby Carrier – I am working on a full review on this guy! If you missed it, you will find my stories in the Hipporoo highlight on Instagram. It is a 10-in-1 baby carrier, and I truly believe every new mom should own one. I managed to secure a 20% discount for Caffeine and Fairydust readers, which also includes free delivery. It is such a steal – instead of paying R2200 you will only pay R1760. This carrier can be used for little ones up to 15kg’s! Use code “MAZ440OFF’ 

Tommee Tippee Super cup!

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Look at this handsome superhero… Knox puts the latest @tommeetippeeza addition to the test… ⬅️ SWIPE LEFT TO SEE ⬅️ This product was brought in to prevent spills everywhere, fighting sticky countertops and the forces of moms' sanity. This open-top cup makes it hard for toddlers to bump, topple, or knock their cups during meal times, which means way less clean up for you. (Not to mention less wasted juice, milk, and paper towels.) Clearly this is a win-win for parents everywhere. You have to knock it pretty damn hard to make a mess..💦 While this cup might be hard to knock over, it is easy for kids to pick up. How does it work? The CleverGrip technology on the bottom of the cup grips to smooth, flat surfaces like table tops, but lifts straight up when it’s time to take a sip, making it easy for kids to use. Pretty rad. . . #GIFT . . #superhero #kids #kidsproduct

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Awesome Sales Spotted

Superbalist – up to 70% off!

HomeChoice – up to 60% off!

Ellips Capsule Jar Hair Treatments – 40% off

Long Dog Store – I know I have a lot of followers who own Dachshunds, Long Dog store is having a massive sale – this week only!

Currently Watching

Showmax – Love Island Australia. I AM OBSESSED. The commentary just does it for me. Eoghan McDermott is such a legend.

I started watching Chernobyl, but it’s too hectic for me.

Currently Reading

Googling “how long will my baby have runny poos while breastfeeding…”

Personal Updates

I feel like I finally have a handle on my PPD. It’s been rough, but manageable because I asked for help the moment I felt like something was off. It is so important to talk about your feelings and get professional help – especially in these early days of motherhood.

I’m starting to think about my 30th birthday in August… it’s a big birthday, but I don’t really have the energy to plan anything. Maybe we should go away for the long weekend, or rent an air bnb for a rad party – what do you guys think?

The kids are mental. Knox had his first dentist appointment, and he has a massive cavity from…. wait for it… eating too much fruit! WTF, just when I think I have this parenting thing down – it kicks me in the face. I feel like the worst mother ever. They need to put him under to fix it up, my heart can’t handle.

Mikayla is doing alright. She is missing school so I am going to go get her a few workbooks to keep her mind busy, any recommendations?

Nova has vacs coming up this week. He is smiling so gorgeously and loves his playmat. He is also making the most adorable baby sounds… still waiting on a proper laugh though.


As always, I am so glad that you are here doing life with us. You all truly make me feel less alone, and like my crazy is okay. It means more to me than you will ever know! Wishing all of you a GREAT week!


2 thoughts on “Our Weekly Update! 01/07

  1. Kim Muller says:

    Totally normal! I took off from work last week to be with the kids, and honestly, by 10am on Monday morning, I was more than ready to call it quits and go back to work. **Terrible mom alert**

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