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Sleep is the one thing I have never been really good at. I have struggled with Insomnia as long as I can remember… even as a child. I attended the launch of a very exciting new product from Dermalogica – the Sound Sleep Cocoon™ Transformative Night Gel-Cream, and I have been using it religiously for a little over a month… What makes it so different? Why should you buy it? Is it worth the price tag? Will it help you sleep? What does it do? Well… let’s get into that.

I never get enough sleep. I used to clock about 4 hours sleep on a good night, and it is a problem seeing as I am not great when it comes to functioning on a human level when sleep deprived. Not getting enough sleep affects your immune system, impairs your concentration ability, kills your sex drive, can cause depression, affects your memory and it wreaks havoc on your skin. There are so many more health issues associated with lack of sleep or sleep deprivation that it is extremely important to get into a good routine and do whatever possible to ensure a good night’s rest.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Review

What is it? The Sound Sleep Cocoon™ transformative night gel-cream was especially formulated to deliver active ingredients that hydrate, brighten and revitalize your skin at night. It also claims to help you fall asleep and help keep you in a state of deep sleep through the use of essential oils and aromas. The Sound Sleep Cocoon™ contains Tamarind seed extracts which help promote skin’s natural hydration process. Wu-zhu-yu extract provides visibly radiant skin by morning and Persian silk-tree extract reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality. There is a whole impressive list of ingredients, but I don’t know enough about that to even remotely sound like I know what I am talking about – so I’d rather give you my honest opinion on whether it works or not.

Does it help you sleep? So, how will a pump of gel-like lotion get you to sleep exactly? The answer is found in the motion-activated microcapsules of sweet-smelling lavender oil and patchouli that are released into the skin throughout the night and supposedly helps promote deep and restful sleep. In theory it sounds awesome, and holy hell – it smells AMAZING. Unfortunately, this product has not helped me fall asleep or stay asleep. I have however tried some other steps before bedtime suggested at the launch that has worked brilliantly, I will add them at the end of this article! If you don’t like the smell of Lavender or Sandalwood – you are going to hate this, the smell is very strong. I like it a lot and I am not very sensitive to smells, so it works for me.

How I Used It & Noticable Results: Even though it doesn’t exactly help me sleep better, it does everything else perfectly. My skin has never looked better. I have been using it as the last step in my skin care routine, smoothing it over my face and neck after I have applied my collagen night cream (you can layer this over other products). It locks your night cream in, forming a protective cocoon that soaks into your skin overnight and helps product penetrate the skin deeper than ever before. I love that it absorbs into your skin so quickly, and doesn’t make it feel sticky or leave residue that transfers onto your pillows. The Sound Sleep Cocoon™ is formulated to restore your skin while you sleep – and it only needs two hours to do that.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon ReviewDermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Review

If you have been following my Instastories, you would know that I hardly ever wear make-up when I am at home… and I have not needed to. The most noticeable difference the Sound Sleep Cocoon™ has made to my skin is that there is no puffiness in the morning, my skin looks dewy and feels extremely hydrated. I have not struggled with any dry patches during the colder days as we head into the thick of winter – and this is something I always struggle with. I don’t look exhausted – no amount of make-up can hide the dark circles, blood-shot eyes and dull skin a bad night and two toddlers brings. And trust me, I have been tired since 2011.

There has definitely been a huge improvement and noticeable difference in my skin – I even have less fine lines under my eyes (I suspect they were there due to dry skin to begin with).

The Packaging: I really love the packaging. It comes in a round pump-action dispenser that locks and unlocks when you twist, and pumps out just the right amount of product you need.  I hate it when I lose caps because it comes off while in my travel bag and squirts everywhere, or I drop the bottle and the cap no longer stays on because it’s chipped or cracked. I’ve traveled quite a bit with my Sound Sleep Cocoon™ and I haven’t had to worry about spills and leaks at all.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Review

The price: Price: It retails for R1295,00 for 50ml on – and yes, it is worth it. You get a lot of product and it should last you about 3 months. I would personally repurchase this – I love the results and how healthy my skin has been looking.

This is not a sponsored post.  Dermalogica did not pay me to write this.  Other than me receiving a free sample to try, I am not given any incentive to write this review or say fabulous things about it.  And yes, I love it so much that I started to convince my husband and friends to try it, and they know I don’t mess around when it comes to advertising skin care stuff.

My Skin: My skin type is combination – sometimes it’s dry, sometimes its oily.  I am not sensitive to any chemical products that I am aware of, and I am not prone to acne breakouts. I struggle with puffiness around my eyes, enlarged pores and have some fine lines starting to pester me. Let me know if you do decide to try it out.  I would love to hear about your results!

Dermalogica has also created an app that you can download. It plays sleep sounds, taking you into a place of relaxation and meditation to help you fall asleep. You can have a listen here. 

I leave you with Dermalogica’s 6 tips for a better nights sleep:

  1. Turn off electronics and dim the lights 30 minutes before bedtime
  2. Make your room as dark as possible and slightly cool
  3. Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine before bed
  4. Breathe deeply – it helps calm and relax your body
  5. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day
  6. In the morning, seek out bright light to help regulate your body clock.

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  1. Charlene says:

    I am so glad that you posted this review as I have been contemplating on getting this. It has quite a price tag but if it lasts longer than a month then it is definitely worth it. I am convinced as I have been following your stories on Insta and your skin looks amazing, I will be purchasing this and try it for myself as I do not get enough sleep AT ALL!

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