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WIN: A Love To Dream Swaddle Up

The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original is the only zip-up swaddle that allows babies to sleep in the natural position with their hands safely up in the wings. Allowing babies to sleep safely with their arms up may actually help babies sleep better – and when babies sleep more soundly, everyone else does too!

WIN! A Yummy Maternity Tummy Butter & Tummy Oil Worth R499

Good morning! We’re baaack and I’m officially 25 weeks pregnant. Can you believe how fast time is going by? Our first post of 2019 is a little giveaway for all the pregnant mommies out there, but before we get to that I wanted to first share something with you that has been heavily pressing on […]

Mikayla Designed Her Perfect Barbie Dress… And Then They Made It! (+WIN)

Mikayla has always been fascinated with my career as a fashion designer. When she was very little, she used to come in to the office with me and fall asleep on the rolls of fabric. She would watch me so intently, and then mimic everything I do. To this day, whenever she gets a blank […]

Mother’s Day Competition – WIN!!! A R400 Gift Voucher From Shwezu

Shwezu is a small business that was started by Leanne and  Daleen less than a year ago. Here on Caffeine and Fairydust, we are all about supporting small, locally owned companies – so I would love to introduce you to their product range and give you the opportunity to win a R400 voucher. Shwezu is […]

Is Your Child A Little Artist? Enter The #oteescolouryourworld” Competition!

I don’t know how your kids feel about coloring in, but my kids LOVE it. If there is a press drop, they are more excited about the box because it can be transformed into a space ship. If there is a scrap piece of paper lying around, you are sure to get a personalized greeting […]