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19 Week Pregnancy Update, Gender Reveal, A Call For Help & Smashing Things To Pieces

It feels like I sat down to write one of these just the other day. At that point, the baby was as big as a lemon, now the baby is supposedly the size of a mango. All this talk about fruit is making me hungry. I need a snack. In one more week, I would […]

Hello?! Did Someone Forget To Stop The Roller Coaster?

Every night I go to bed, promising myself that I would start writing again the next day, or post a beautiful Instagram photo, or connect with the moms in my social media tribe…. Yet I just never seem to get around to it. Sometimes I am too busy, sometimes I am too anxious, sometimes I […]

Currently – 31 August 2017

So my birthday month has come to an end… and what a crazy month it has been. A month of happiness, heartache, trying to heal, crazy work schedules, new parenting struggles and all around insanity. But we are still here, we carry on and persevere – that’s what parents do.   I have not been […]

Did You Miss Me? Life Lately… 22 March 2017

I have finally finished all the episodes of Gossip Girl – so I am finally ready to face the world again! You thought I was joking over on my Facebook page when I said I was neglecting my blog because I was watching too much TV after getting sucked into a Gossip Girl abyss… well […]