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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sunday, 16 June is Father’s Day in South Africa, and we want to celebrate our amazing baby daddies by getting them something unique, awesome, and fit for the (I know I speak for many of us here) big kids they are. For all the diaper changes, tag teaming midnight feeds, letting your daughter paint their […]

We Tried OneCart For The First Time… {Service Review}

I think it is especially convenient for people on holiday, going to a store you do not know can get overwhelming, and you want to spend your time relaxing! I also like that you have more control over your budget.

Lauprene – A Kick-Ass Handbag Review

The Lauprene bag is the multipurpose functional carryall that allows you easy access to everything you need without losing your sense of style. I first saw this bad boy over at Following The Bean‘s blog and she made it look soooo good! A few weeks later they contacted me and asked me to review the bag […]