The Doona™ – So Much More Than Just A Car Seat {Review}

I have been putting off writing this review because I have been trying to find a socially acceptable way of saying “Holy crap, this product is flippin’ AMAZING!”. But I can’t, so here it is… It is honestly a baby product that I would not be able to live without. I am going to be a bit gutted when Nova grows out of it, thank goodness he’s a petite little baby.

As you can guess, based on the title of the blog post, I am talking about the Doona™ – the next generation car seat. And I think it absolutely owns that claim.

One of the most important investments we make when we find out that we are expecting is a car seat. In fact, it is so important that they don’t let you leave the hospital without one, for safety reasons. After that precious baby has been brought into the world, you need to be comfortable with your car seat holding the most precious cargo you could imagine.

Car seats are an absolute necessity – that doesn’t mean they come without hassles. Car seats are heavy, uncomfortable to carry and they could be quite difficult to use when out and about. You usually need to make sure yours will adapt and work as a travel system, which means, as well as the car seat and all your baby items, you need to fit a pram in the boot as well. Which doesn’t leave room for much else if you’re planning a shopping trip or going away for the weekend. It is even more of an issue when you have more than one kid.

And this is where the Doona™ comes into its own.

So what is the Doona?

The Doona™ is an ergonomic and innovative car seat that is not only properly crash tested, approved and safe for your baby to use, but it also comes with inbuilt collapsible wheels, which convert it from a traditional car seat, into a mobile one. So you can take the baby from car to wherever you like – and it is as easy as 1,2.3. Not only is it extremely functional, and designed with the needs of parents in mind, but it’s also not bad to look at. Up until the debut of Doona™, the travel system or Snap-N-Go, were the most convenient means of toting an infant car seat outside of a car, but the Doona™ offers an excellent and efficient alternative to these options.


Whether it’s stairs you need to climb, using public transport, getting in and out of a car multiple times a day, or easily squeezing inside your favourite restaurant that happens to be a hole in the wall, this car seat saves you time and hassle.

Specs & Safety

The Doona™ features a five-point harness is made from approved baby-safe materials and complies with the highest EU and US safety standards. A luxe infant insert, made from breathable, mesh memory foam acts as extra side-impact protection, and in frontal impact collision tests it scored a high 5-star rating. The adjustable handle bar acts as an anti-rebound bar. All child restraint devices need to be approved by the European Safety Standards commission in order to be sold in South Africa. Doona™ has gone above and beyond the Euro Certification and achieved an ADAC rating of 2.4, placing the Doona™ with the best of the best, in terms of car seat safety in the world. In addition to this, every Doona™ car seat is rigorously tested before packaging and sending to the various destinations in the world, which again is above and beyond what is required by Iso factory standards.

The fact that the Doona™ is so low on the ground adds to its safety features. The Doona™ is made to ensure maximum stability!

The Doona™ follows the European Safety Standards, which uses the length of your baby instead of weight. The average usage of the Doona™ is between 1.5-2 years, depending on how tall your baby is. Basically, when your baby’s head reaches the top of the backrest, it’s time for a new car seat. International safety standards encourage Mom’s and Dad’s to keep their babies rear-facing for as long as possible for safety reasons.

It has a generous canopy and extendable handlebar, which is necessary since the car seat itself sits low to the ground when in stroller mode.


Suitability (EU):
Rearward facing infant car seat
Group: 0+
Infant Weight: 1.8-13Kg
Product weight: 7kg

Suitability (US):
Rearward facing infant car seat
Infant Weight: 4-35 lbs
Infant Height: up to 32” (81 cm)
Product weight: 16.5 lbs

While the compound and strength of the Doona™ wheels have recently been upgraded to a more durable material, the wear and tear of the Doona™ wheels will depend on the usage and where the Doona™ is pushed. They do offer a free replacement service.


You can secure and fix it to your car by using the seat belt, as with many standard car seats, or by using the Doona™ Isofix Base, depending on whether your car has Isofix points.

This is simple to do, either way, and we’ve had no issues fitting the Doona™ into our car – we have a Ford Fiesta Sedan if that helps! It fits easily with plenty of space.

Using a seat belt is slightly safer than an Isofix base according to testing results, which is common with all car seats on the market. The Isofix adds to the convenience of the Doona™ and the fact that one does not need to worry about twisted seat belts, gives you peace of mind.


It is common knowledge that a newborn baby is used to and most comfortable in the foetal position. The Doona™ was specifically designed for newborn babies, the Doona™ Infant Insert provides young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort. Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the insert supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, thus granting parents and babies the freedom to travel together.

Aesthetics & Colour options


Doona Colours


Doona™ has incredibly innovative and well thought of accessories, ranging from rain covers, sunshade extensions, insect nets and a hybrid called the 360 protection, which is the sunshade and insect shield accessory combined. In terms of storage, there are various options available. So, whether you are nipping out to the shops or planning to spend a day out with the family, there is a storage set up that will suit your needs. They also have storage and padded storage bags which is ideal for dust protection, as well as keeping your Doona™ safe in the aeroplanes’ baggage hold. The most popular accessories can be found at Baby City and for a more conclusive range of accessories, visit

Our Experience

My biggest concern before getting the Doona™ was that I would be too tall to use it comfortably. It looked very low and small – but I went to my nearest Kids Emporium to test it out and it was AMAZING! I am 1,78m tall and as you can see, it is the perfect height when the handlebar is extended. I love that the handlebar is extendable, as the kids can also wheel Nova around safely!

Having three kids means that I need everything to be quick to use and functional, I also need it to take up a minimal amount of space. I love that I don’t have cart an extra pram body around with me. The Doona™ is very smooth to manoeuvre and I can easily wheel Nova around with one hand while holding Knox or Mikayla’s hand with the other. In my honest opinion, the Doona™ is revolutionary and an incredible investment.

Price: R6499

Available on Takealot or Kids Emporium

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