The Royal Wedding – My 10 Favourite Outfits

I know that the Royal Wedding happened over the weekend already and I am a bit late with this, but it seems I will never quite be able to get rid of my Fashion Designer roots! The wedding was beautiful, and the way Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – looked at each other throughout melted my heart and set my soul on fire. I am a sucker when it comes to the royal family… I am a sucker for fairy tales and I will always be a sucker for fashion. I looked at all the outfits, and there are a few that truly stood out to me – plus, I give my unpopular opinion of The Wedding Dress…

This wedding was special on every level, not only is Meghan Markle the first mixed race person in modern history to marry a British senior royal, the wedding incorporated her heritage and culture as much as it did the Royal family’s – and it was absolutely amazing.


Let’s start with my favourite Royal – Kate Middleton. She always steals the show with her fashion choices, and to little surprise she showed up looking like absolute perfection.  She arrived in a pale yellow (don’t come at me with your “she wore white”crap) Alexander McQueen Dress and Philip Treacy hat. But as you probably know by now, she has already worn that dress. And not once, or twice… three times — to Princess Charlotte’s christening, to Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday party and on a trip to Belgium. Now, a lot of people might think that she probably could have put in a bit more effort and gotten a new dress for the biggest wedding of the year – but I would like to think that she wore her dress as to not upstage the bride. Something along the lines of “Nothing to see here! Focus on the bride!” She is a thoughtful sister-in-law already, she really is perfect. Kate gave Meghan a gift nobody else could give her: the world’s full attention. The duchess, by the way, often recycles her looks, which is both environmental and elegant AF. It is part of what makes her an adored and practical style icon.


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Oh… my. This is why you don’t invite David Beckham to your wedding, because he will upstage literally every other breathing human being on the entire planet – including the bride. This is just perfection on every single level (except when he opens his mouth to talk, I have never been able to stand his voice). Just look at his face though… he knows that every woman in his vicinity is most likely picturing him naked, and that every man is questioning their sexuality. David was the first man to step out in Dior Homme designed by Kim Jones. You know, when it is your debut for an iconic brand which will be showcased at one of the most watched weddings of all time – you make sure you do your damn best and that the suit fits perfectly…. so well done Kim Jones, you at least got it. Anyway, more on this a bit later on in this post…

Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: Getty Images


After you eventually stop staring and David, you will notice his equally perfect fashion icon wife standing beside him. Victoria Beckham is my personal style icon, there is not much she can do wrong in my eyes. It annoyed me quite a bit that so many people told her to cheer up, or smile… To me it is pretty much the same as a stranger telling me to smile, because I look prettier when I do. We forget that we don’t actually know these people… we don’t really know what they are like, what they are feeling or what they are about. I love the fact that her dress was understated, but both daring and risqué at the same time. It had a mandarin collar with a silver buckle and lengthy tie detail, a hint of cleavage and some dramatic sleeves with a funky cut out detail – and is obviously from her very own fashion line. I love the pop of colour her shoes gave to her navy ensemble.


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I really loved Sofia Wellesley’s look. She looked like a true English Rose in her embroided floral Red Valentino dress. I often wonder what it must be like to be married to James Blunt – a.k.a the funniest human being on Twitter.


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Green is my colour this season, and I have actually seen something pretty similar at H&M. I really do like Caroline Greenwood’s outfit – it just annoys me to no end that her shoe and hat colour do not match the dress. Either go with a complimenting colour, or match the shade exactly. I also really, really don’t get the white sunglasses…

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Her Majesty The Queen wore a flared dress in lime and purple by Stuart Parvin. I think it is adorable that she wore such a bright colour, I also think Outsurance should have her as part of their ad campaign. I love the Queen, she is so damn funky.


Another absolute favourite look, Carey Mulligan just oozed elegance and beauty at the Royal Wedding. She wore white semi-sheer dress, embellished with delicate floral prints throughout – a very big trend for the season. Her dress is from Erdem’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Featuring a tie-neck, ruffle sleeves, a sash belt and all-over floral embroidery, Carey’s maxi is the perfect choice for a wedding in the sunshine.


Gina Torres is just so insanely beautiful…. it hurts to look at her.


Sarah Rafferty made a statement in her navy Lanvin dress – I just love the beading detail above the dramatic bell sleeve. She is also by far my favourite character on Suits!


And then, of course… the bride. A few people were not very happy when I took to Instagram and voiced my disapproval on how ill-fitting the dress is. It is not an attack on Meghan, it is not about the fact that she might have lost some weight due to stress or whatever… it is about the fact that as the first female Artistic Director at the historic French fashion house Givenchy, Ms. Waight Keller fucked up. The dress is beautiful, simplistic, elegant and stylish… BUT IT DID NOT FIT. No designer or stylist should ever let her bride walk down the aisle in a dress as ill-fitting as this. How no-one picked up on it is beyond me. To have just given her the basic respect and decency to alter it … is it too much to ask? Lucky for Keller, Meghan is a true beauty – and nothing, not even a badly made wedding dress, could take that away. And she looked utterly, completely and totally smitten!

What did you think of her wedding dress? Did you watch The Royal Wedding?

19 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding – My 10 Favourite Outfits

  1. Felicity says:

    David Beckham was wow! 😉
    But yes please don’t speak David haha I guess you can’t have it all.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the dress didn’t fit quite nicely but as you say she’s so beautiful she could pull anything off.

    • Maz says:

      What is it about his voice that is soooo annoying??
      I suppose there has to be something wrong with him, he can’t be that perfect.

  2. Justine Lowton says:

    Kitty Spencer’s dress was my absolute fave! She looked amazing and I dream of owning her dress 😍

  3. Abigail says:

    I absolutely adored the wedding dress, but the whole wedding my eyes were “distracted” and I couldn’t place what was it, and then saw your insta post and I was like yeeeeees! Its too big!!

    • Maz says:

      It would have been absolutely perfect if the neckline was 2cm lower, and if it actually fitted. Cannot explain to you how much it annoys me…

  4. Lisa says:


    I completely agree re the wedding dress. It was ill fitting. I said so on Saturday already. You only need to compare her Givenchy dress to Audrey Hepburn’s very similar look in Fun Face to see the difference a well tailored dress makes. I see Katy Perry made a similar comment re the dress not fitting and was lambasted on social media for her opinion.

    I also agree re Kate Middleton. She deliberately did not upstage the bride. If you looked at the wedding portraits released it seems there was a definite green and cream and yellow theme e going on. The Queen wore very bright green which actually comes across as more subdued in the photos. Doria (Meghan’s mom) wore a softer green. Camilla wore a pale pastel and Kate wore her creamy buttery pale yellow. All the colours toned beautifully in the photo and complimented the green damask wallpaper of the room in which they were taken.

    Kate only had Louis 6 weeks ago. It seems the most sensible thing to do is return to an old favorite look that you know works and feels comfortable and familiar. Whilst she certainly has bounced back and looks fabulous, I am sure she feels like most moms do 6 weeks after having a baby – still a little bloated and not really like you look your best. So why spend a fortune on a new outfit which may not work when you can rely on an old favourite that you know works and won’t upstage the bride.

    Also loved Amal Clooney’s Stella McCartney dress. Beautiful colour which really suited her and such a pretty style and a nice change from all the frock coats worn by so many at the wedding. But I know that not everyone liked it. It seems you either loved it or hated it.

    • Maz says:

      Wow Lisa, you should write your own article – you know your stuff! Yes, totally agree with everything you said. I did not even pick up on the green theme!

  5. Sheerdee says:

    With regards to the wedding dress not fitting, I had my dress altered twice before my big because every time I would fit it closer to big day it was loose again. I even stopped all exercise and upped my carbs that last week and guess what on the day my dress was loose again. So what I’m trying to say sometimes as brides our bodies continue to change right till the actual wedding day. I suppose since they have all the money resources they could have altered the night before or morning of wedding day. However, these things happen, I know this from actual experience.

    • Maz says:

      I get that, but as an ex fashion designer – and as someone who understands couture and the fact that she had an entire team of stylists around her – it is just not acceptable. This is Givenchy, there is no excuse for them not altering it for her. The dress only had 6 seams! They could have done it in an hour.

  6. Liesl says:

    I agree in terms of the wedding dress. It wasn’t my favourite wedding dress in a whole as I expected something different. Her look was always more edgy for me and the dress didn’t portray that to me but I guess if you marry into the royal family there are rules to follow.

    However the dress is a very elegant look for her and she pulled it off very gracefully. The dress was too loose and just didn’t fit like it should. As you mentioned, there is no excuse for Givenchy to not have ensured it fits perfectly. With so many people over the wolrd tuning in to watch the wedding and to see what she is wearing, its dissapointing. They messed it up.

    Also David Beckham…mmmmmm 🙂 Damn. Now that outfit fitted like a glove on that body 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    Hi Maz thanks for all these lovely dresses to drool over!
    I didn’t notice the fit but it was a bit plain although simple and classic which was fine. At my own wedding the dress did not fit but that was due to my aunt passing before she finished. So it remains a special dress.
    The thing that bothered me about Megan’s dress was that it was a little bit see through and I think she needed a better bra.

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