Things My 6-Year Old Daughter Saiz VS 5


Wow, I haven’t written one of these since Mikayla was 5-years old, which is odd as they are always so popular. Anyway, I have been writing little snippets of her wisdom down whenever I get a chance, and then I file them away in my memory box. She has changed so much, and the things she is saying is becoming much more profound and intelligent, instead of funny – but, there are still days where she comes up with some crazy random stuff… like these:


“You know mum, if you didn’t marry anyone you would’ve stayed young forever – like my teacher. She is not married and she doesn’t even have wrinkles.” Holy shit kid, are you even trying to be subtle? Also, you are right. 


“Mom, Im so good at sharing. I even share with my invisible friend and my friend in the mirror – who is me, Mikayla. I don’t like sharing with Knox though, but because I share with my friend in the mirror it’s okay.” This child’s logic astounds me.


Mikayla:”Mommy, do you like the person you are?”

Me: (Wondering if this is some sort of profound trick question) “Yes baby, I’ve worked very hard to become the person I am. Do you like who you are?”

Mikayla: “Yes, but I have this little empty space in my heart.”

Me: ” Oh no baby, how so? What is wrong? You know you can tell me anything…”

Mikayla: “The empty space in my heart can only be filled by a new sparkly long dress with matching sparkly shoes.”


“Mom, dad’s cooking is so much better than yours. His food is really good, but yours is terrible. I am so sorry – I don’t want to be rude but there is no other way to say it.” Thanks for being honest, kid.


Mikayla: “Mom, daddy loves you so much. He told me.”

Me: “When did he tell you?”

Mikayla: “It is in my mind, I can’t explain it”


Mikayla’s response after trying Maltabela pap for the first time: “Yuk. It tastes like sand in an old sock on a sandwich! ”



Heading out for our mommy and daughter date, Mikayla gets very upset when I tell her that she cannot go to the play area in the restaurant when we are there…

Mikayla: “But why mom!!??”

Me: “Because then I will be sitting all alone, and that will make me sad.”

Mikayla sits quietly for a while, thinking… then suddenly:

Mikayla: “MOM! I have a great idea! When I was little, I used to talk to my food and pretend that they were my friends while you and daddy were at work and I missed you sooo much. But talking to my food made me happy, you can do THAT! Then you won’t be lonely.”

Me: Excellent idea Mikayla.


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What are some of the funny things your kids said recently?

5 thoughts on “Things My 6-Year Old Daughter Saiz VS 5

  1. MomOfTwoLittleGirls says:

    haha .. that’s so funny. My 5 (nearly 6) year old said to me the other day: “Mommy, it’s easy to have a baby, but not to babysit a baby.’
    Me: “But mommy’s who have new tiny babies don’t get babysitters. The one who has the baby is the one who cares for the baby.”
    Her: “No, that’s the babysitter.”
    Me: *Gives up and realised that I’ve wasted the past 6 years NOT having babysitters, and cries into my wine about all the times I was guilted out of fun functions so i didn’t have to surrender her to babysitters.*

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