Top Beauty Tips For Busy Moms From Mrs South Africa

Nicole Capper, also known as the gorgeous Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2018, wears many hats on any given day and her schedule is gruelling. She’s a model, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA, an outdoor adventurer, an advocate for women’s rights, and most importantly… a mother of two young children. With commitments that include school runs to red carpet engagements – Nicole has had to master the art of make-up on the run and has a bag of tricks when it comes to beauty tips for busy moms.

If you always feel like your watch is set on fast forward and regularly feel like a hot mess, then these beauty hacks will make sure you look like you regularly get 10 hours sleep, drink your eight glasses of water and live a zen life.  “I regularly do my makeup on the go – often in the parking lot before heading into a meeting – yet in spite of this it is possible to create a photo finish look in record time.”

How? Good question! Here are her top tips:

Tip 1

Keep a concise and compact makeup bag with only your everyday essentials.  Mine contains my sunblock (Lamelle – Helase) which I use as a primer. I then apply foundation with a silicone sponge. It’s a no mess, no fuss way to apply makeup. This is followed by a concealer – very quick and easy to blend again using my silicone sponge – which I apply under my eyes, on the tip of my nose and anywhere that needs a little extra coverage. I then use some translucent powder to set my face.

This routine makes me feel and look instantly fresh and awake and this lays the foundation for whatever else you have time for – even if it’s just blusher, a touch of mascara and some lip gloss. With this as your base – you will look and feel amazing and it will only take about 10 minutes. If you want and have time for more – add some blush and a dark brown shadow in the crease of your eyes for definition.

Tip 2

Always keep a tinted lip balm in your bag for during the day to refresh your lips before each appointment and to keep your lips looking luscious.

Tip 3

I am a big believer in contouring – underneath your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and on your temples – so if you have time it’s an amazing way to “sculpt” your face. Once you get the hang of this it’s quick and easy and it elongates your face, and makes you look bronzed too – which is a plus for summer. If you need help – there are plenty of “how to” videos on line.

Tip 4

A trick for summer when your skin colour changes – depending on your tan level – is to use bronzer to adjust your foundation to more closely align with your skin tone. Instead of going through summer with the wrong colour base, just blend it with bronzer to correct it.

Tip 5

Insta-worthy brows is right up there when it comes to my make up 101 tips.  Keep them shaped and defined and use an eyebrow pencil in a nice dark colour, with a little brush on the end, and apply with short strokes. Don’t overdo it though – it needs to look natural. I use an eye brow setting gel on top of the pencil to more effectively blend the pencil into the eye brow area so it doesn’t look too obvious. Make sure the corners of your eye brows are smooth and neat.

Tip 6

Although this might be considered a luxury – if you can take an hour every two weeks for an eyelash fill – then do. Fake eyelashes make you look like you have mascara and eyeliner on from the minute you wake up.

Mrs South Africa Shares Her Top Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Tip 7

Of course skin care is part of the parcel in any self-love regime. If nothing else you should always cleanse at night, use a good moisturizer and keep your applicators disinfected. Never neglect your daily dose of Omega 3 Oil and Probiotics. The rule of thumb with Omega 3 Oil – is take as much as you can afford – your skin and hair will thank you for it.

Tip 8

When it comes to your hair – natural hair is very in vogue at the moment – authentic, real and relaxed. But for it to look good you should consider keeping hair oil in your bag. Run it through your ends – a good oil does not weigh your hair down – it actually soaks in.  I use System Professionals which doubles up as cuticle oil and you can also use it as an emergency hand-cream substitute.

Tip 9

Ultimately though I believe looking good is about so much more than lip gloss and eyeliner and you’ll only look as good as you feel. The secret to real beauty is about living authentically, contentment, balance, loving and being loved, exercising, getting enough quality sleep, good nutrition and then dressing the part. It’s when all these elements come together in unison that you’ll truly sparkle and that’s what looking good is really about. And then smile. No one can resist the charm of a truly happy smile!


Nicole Capper, crowned as Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2018 is a functional medicine pharmacist, mother, model, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA and an advocate for women’s rights. Nicole uses her fitness to raise funds and social consciousness for causes close to her heart by participating in extreme outdoor adventures around the world – all the while liberating courage in others to do the same. For Capper being Mrs South Africa is about so much more than notching up Instagram likes – it’s about having purpose, making a real difference and leaving a legacy of significance.


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Mrs South Africa Shares Her Top Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

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