We Tried OneCart For The First Time… {Service Review}

Last week was one of those weeks where life just ran away with me. And yes, I realise that I say that quite often and that I should probably work on my time management skills. Anyway, I digress. I blinked and all of a sudden we had run out of food, milk, coffee, cat food and some toiletries. Oops.

I remembered a few people on Instagram mentioning OneCart and I was pretty desperate – so I gave it a go myself. I am 21 weeks pregnant and the thought of going grocery shopping with a little bowling ball bouncing on my bladder (I really want to say hooh-hah) does not exactly fill me with excitement.

So at 11:30pm at night, I placed my order and said a little prayer for the poor concierge that had to do my urgent shopping for me the next morning. So, let me explain how it works and give you my honest feedback on how I found it.

It is very easy to set up your profile. You can choose to either work through the website or the OneCart app which is available for download on Play Store and iTunes.

You can currently choose between the following stores:

  • Woolworths
  • Pick n Pay
  • Pets by OneCart
  • Booze by OneCart
  • FitChef
  • Dis-Chem
  • Clicks

I love the selection of stores as it is convenient and covers all the basic needs. They will be adding more stores as the demand for service grows, but this is an excellent start. The stores might also differ slightly depending on what is available in your area. 

Both the website and app has a very user-friendly layout and the products are broken down into easy to understand categories. You can switch in between stores while shopping. You can select substitute products, but should the concierge not be able to find what you wanted – they will contact you with alternative options. 

You pay a delivery fee of R55 (this might differ depending on area) and a small concierge fee. You have to place an order to the minimum value of R150, so keep that in mind.

I placed my order of 33 products from Pick n Pay and chose a delivery time slot that suited me. Everything was delivered on time and the entire process was easy and seamless. You can also add your Smart Shopper, e-bucks and other loyalty card details! I love that they have a same-day delivery, and that you choose the time slots.

However, there were a few issues that I encountered which will affect the way I shop with them going forward:

  • 10 of my 18 eggs arrived cracked, it was clear that something heavy was placed on top and that the items were not handled with care
  • My bottle of kitchen cleaner was also squashed and it leaked all over the rest of the groceries in the bag. It was packaged with cold meats and bread, something I would never have done should I have gone shopping myself. I had to throw a few products out which was quite disappointing.
  • Quite a few of the other items were squashed / damaged – like juice boxes, milk cartons, etc – but they were all still usuable.
  • The meat options on the app is very expensive and a bit confusing. 
  • Not all the items in store / all the brands are listed, which is understandable if you think of the sheer size of Pick n Pay’s stock for example.

From my personal experience, I would not use the service to order any delicate items like eggs. I will also not order cleaning products as it is such a mess when it is not handled properly. I found the meat options too expensive, so that will be a no-go for me as well.

The app is still great, and especially handy should you run out of basics like milk, coffee, headache tablets, wine or need some top-ups for dinner. I think it is especially convenient for people on holiday, going to a store you do not know can get overwhelming, and you want to spend your time relaxing! I also like that you have more control over your budget, and that it is by all means an affordable service.

All-in-all, OneCart is a genius idea, and definitely has it’s place in the sun! 

Edited to add: I have been ensured by the OneCart team that the broken goods is not the norm, and that they train their staff and concierges to handle the groceries with care. This was the first time using them – so that is entirely possible. Have you used OneCart before? What was your experience like?

You can use my code by clicking on THIS LINK to get R75 off your first order! (I will also get a R75 voucher, so thank you in advance). You will also get one of these codes to share when you are successfully signed up.

OneCart Service Review

9 thoughts on “We Tried OneCart For The First Time… {Service Review}

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    Very interesting and much needed service. Pity it didn’t tick all the boxes though. Habe you raised the issues with them? Any policy I place for destroying half your cart?

    Will use your code if I sign up…not sure we will have this service in PE.

    • Maz says:

      I reached out to them and they have assured me that this is not the norm, They were very helpful! I will use them again and see how it pans out.

  2. Caley says:

    So interesting – I would probably use this morning for Dischem or Clicks. I use Woolworths online shopping often and it has been a great way to get things delivered when I’m away or if I need to plan ahead of time x

  3. Mduduzi Shelembe says:

    I just tried using their service but both there app and website isn’t working :(.
    I’m guessing they are not setup to scale well and cannot handle the increasing numbers.

  4. Nikki says:

    Myself, hubby and both kids have flu – we were trying to decide who has enough energy to make it to the shops, when I had a memory of this review. Just placed my order, so hopefully in 2 hours we will have groceries – and I’m super impressed that I could get the non-prescription meds I need too.
    Thanks for the review!

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