What A Psychic Showed Me

At the end of last year, I made an appointment to see a psychic. I was feeling lost, burnt out, unsure and – well – curious. I have always believed that there is more to life than the eye could see, more than we could possibly understand – but a psychic session was completely new to me.

I had no expectations, and I went into it with an open mind and quite a few doubts. But I am so glad I did it.

The psychic I saw was Heike Sym, a renowned psychic medium based in Durban. A far cry from what you would typically think a psychic would look like… I always envision someone with flowing dark hair, moody eyes, a velvet robe, and a crystal ball. Heike is bubbly, light and full of kindness. She radiates positivity and it feels good being in her presence – she entered my life like a breath of fresh air.

Heike is a psychic, medium, reiki master, tarot reader, and numerologist. Also, she does not predict the future – she is not a fortune teller. She provides her clients with the information they need to bring clarity to make changes in their lives, but nothing ever overruns free will. What we do with that information is up to us, we are the creators of our own lives after all.

I am not going to go into too much detail of what we discussed, it was a deeply private session. But I want to share some highlights with you… First off, I was a skeptic because the session was done over Whatsapp. Isn’t that odd? That being said, she read my energy like it was an open book right in front of her. The exhaustion could have been guessed, I am a mom after all… but then she got specific. The tension in my shoulders and neck, the pain in the middle of my back. The worry about finances and work, the need to always overachieve. The borderline obsession I have to prove myself worthy, even though others already see me as more than.

We spoke about that to quite an extent as it is one of the major blockages in my life, and she gave me some advice on how to let go – and helped me figure out where this massive insecurity came from in the first place. She nailed it down to something that happened when I was 10, she even told me who was a part of it – it is only afterwards when I spoke to my mom about it that I realized what it was. It sent shivers down my spine. It is something no-one knows about, she could never have guessed.

She went into detail about my kids’ personalities and set so many of my fears at ease. We spoke about my journey into motherhood, through motherhood and where I am headed. It was immensely insightful.

We spoke about my business, my biggest worry. She told me it would prosper and carry on growing. That we were moving in the right direction – and that I am doing it with the right people by my side. It felt so good to hear. She also shared with me her 21-day manifestation challenge, and it has been such a calming influence in my life. I am still working through it, and I am not always getting it right so I find myself going back a few days and doing it over every now and then – but I feel a huge difference in the weight I have been carrying on my shoulders.

It was what she said at the end of the session that brought me to tears. And I just knew, Heike was the real deal. It is too private to share all, and it is not entirely my story to tell. But the part I can share is that she told me my late mother-in-law has appointed herself as our unborn son’s guardian angel. That she is so invested in his little soul and that she will be watching over him… that she is okay. She is at peace, and that she is with us.

It was with that, that I made up my mind about my son’s name.

I had a chat with Heike and she agreed to do a live reading over on my Facebook page on Monday night at 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm. If you are in the mood for something different, if you have some questions or just fancy a chat with a psychic – pop by! The event listing can be found here.

If you want a private session in person, over Skype or WhatsApp with Heike you can visit www.heikesym.com. You can also pop her a message on her Facebook page.

17 thoughts on “What A Psychic Showed Me

  1. Stacy says:

    Thank you for writing this Maz, I’ve always been curious around this kind of thing, but have never done it due to holding myself back. I think due to fear – I don’t know if I want to hear what there is to be said…

    • Maz says:

      I was the same, Heike set me at ease though. She is not there to upset you or to be the bearer of doom and gloom. She will only tell you things that can help you move forward in life and give you a clear idea of the path yoi should follow. It is perfectly normal to be scared of something we cannot possibly understand.

  2. Lydia says:

    I don’t want to do it because I’m pretty sure everything will be shit about me. She will pull the death and destruction card and I’ll cry about how shit of a human I am. Then I’ll play PubG and feel better.

    • Siobhan says:

      Death and destruction only means the end of something. Not literally death, doom and gloom 😉 sometimes we hold on for too long. Also doubtful you’re a shit human. We all have shit, doesnt make us shit and anyway, sometimes the shit makes us interesting too.

  3. Kim Muller says:

    Oh this is so fascinating. I’ve always to have a reading done but too scared I’m going to waste my money on things I already know. Or that I’m going to hear things I don’t really want to. But I think I need to reconsider doing this. And I love that Heike can do a reading over Whatsapp!

  4. Simone says:

    This sounds so intriguing. I always wanted to do a reading, I just am afraid of wasting money. What is the 21 day manifestation challenge? I would love to know more.

    • Maz says:

      Hi Simone! Get in touch with Heike, she will be able to explain the challenge in more detail and guide you ♥ It is basically a great way to rid yourself of anxiety, manifest your dreams and celebrate positivity!

  5. Adi says:

    Aaaah wow this is so cool. I’ve always wanted to do this but we were raised to not believe in “fortune tellers” and the like. I am so open to it though and you’ve made it seem as if Heike has been such a blessing in your life and positive step forward to healing xxx

  6. Janine says:

    So fab you found what you needed! I think any help from anywhere can only be positive as it encourages growth and change! I’m so getting in touch with her.

    • Maz says:

      Best to get in touch with her, I am not sure if every reading is priced individually. I had a psychic tarot reading done ♥

  7. Presley says:

    Thank you!She is the real deal!She is my own personal guardian angel for me..&it’s so odd to have this roles reversed in my life!Presley

  8. Jennifer Eales says:

    Heike is certainly an exceptional human being. she brought huge comfort and reassurance to me when i had my reading. I was also nervous and skeptical but she told me so much nobody else could have known. It is definitely worth doing.

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