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The Big Helpful Post: Starting Solids

It is so good to start writing again. It is something that always brings me so much joy… that and food. Talking about food, Nova is on month 2 of starting solids and it is going so incredibly well. I have always found this part of the parenting journey exciting, food is my love language. […]

Weaning Wisdom: What I’ve Learned When Starting Solids

Last week I wrote a blog post on how introducing my two kids to solid foods impacted them differently in the long run. My first born, up until recently, has been the pickiest eater. We took on the challenge to re-wean her at the age of 7 and it was the best thing we ever […]

5 Easy Tips For Moms With Picky Eaters

When I look at my two kids, I am always amazed at how different they are. They are both kind-hearted, brave and headstrong – but when it comes to looks and habits, they could not be more different if they tried. This is even more evident when it comes to their eating habits, and I […]

Instant Pot™ Recipe: Christmas Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is one of those weird things in life that you either love or hate, or don’t particularly love – but eat anyway because there is so many nostalgic memories attached to them. I remember there was a time during the 90’s that my mom and dad used to attend quite a few weddings, […]

Instant Pot™ Recipe: Orange Chicken & Jasmine Rice

I am so excited to share this recipe with you today. It has a bit of a story to it and has become a Christmas family tradition in our home. It is healthy, delicious and fresh – perfect for our hot South African summers. Every year on our anniversary, Cole and I would go out […]

Family Sunday Fun Day At Blanko {Restaurant Review}

A little while ago my family and I were invited to a lunch at Blanko for review purposes. As I scrolled through their Instagram feed, one thought kept popping up… “my kids are way too wild for this place”. I politely e-mailed them back and told them that I feared for their fancy establishment should […]

Make A Stop At The Station On Bree {Restaurant Review}

On Wednesday night my husband and I went on a little date night to The Station On Bree Street. It was the perfect evening for it, it was scorching hot and the streets were lined with locals and tourists enjoying the sidewalk cafes and bars. There was something in the air… I cannot quite put […]

Product Review: The LG NeoChef™ & The Ultimate Challenge…

I was sent the new LG NeoChef™ to try out about a month ago. I saw so many people give rave reviews, so I decided to put the microwave to the ultimate challenge and see for myself what it is really made of. I decided to cook our entire family Christmas lunch in it, including […]

(Recipe) Citrus Infused Honey & Mustard Roast Chicken

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes. I made it again for Christmas lunch and thought I had to share the recipe with you. I did something a little differently this time… I made it in a microwave. Not just any microwave, the LG NeoChef™ with Smart Inverter Technology. You can read the full […]