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Happy Halloween!! Here’s Some Great Tricks & Treats

Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year for various reasons. I love dressing up, I love the costumes and the eerie vibes. I love seeing all the creative make-up tutorials, home decor and baking happening on my Instagram feed and I love the sentiment behind Dias de Muertos. A day where our […]

Cadbury Festive Range – The Perfect Stocking Fillers #ACadburyChristmas {+ GIVEAWAY}

How did we get to the end of October already? Where has this year gone? Do you realize that Christmas is only 60 days away? ARE YOU PANICKING??!!! Oh, neither am I… At least I have my stocking fillers sorted thanks to Cadbury’s new Festive range. We are big on traditions in our family – […]

How To Make Christmas Magical With Elf For Christmas

It is the second year that Holly the Christmas Elf is gracing our home with her presence. She was such a hit last year that we are turning up the notch this time around. If you weren’t around or cannot remember – here are some snaps of Holly’s adventurous time in the Halliday household…

Mikayla – Seven Things About You That Take My Breath Away (Happy Birthday!)

Dear Mikayla Rose,  Today you turn seven. I have been your mom for 2823 days, yet it feels like a few seconds. I know, what a cliche. That might be true, but you won’t believe how it is breaking my heart that you are growing faster than what I can keep up with. I want you […]

Breathe – Hello 2018!

At 00:00 We popped the champagne as the countdown ended and I filled my lungs with air and breathed again. I have been holding my breath for months, just waiting for 2017 to end and 2018 to start.   I know that sounds silly. It is ridiculous, in fact… but if I thought 2016 was hard, […]

10 Of My Favourite Haunted Places In South Africa

What happens after you die is one of life’s big mysteries, which is one of the reasons I love ghost stories — who’s to say the creepy things we read in books are impossible? Ghost stories are everywhere. Some people believe it and others don’t.  I find ‘real-life’ ghost stories especially fascinating, and love visiting places with […]