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I think Murphy read my blog post about being fed-up with the disgusting daycare germs my kids bring home all the time, because last week he decided to give us one big f#@k you by sending Mikayla home with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Seriously, out of all the horrible viral bugs out there this one is just pure evil…  After a solid week of no sleep and trying to figure out what food to give my crying, sore and feverish child – she finally got better and we decided to visit my parents in Upington. We all needed a break and at the time the 8-hour drive seemed totally worth it… until Knox got the damn disease the day we arrived. Unfortunately he has it much worse than Mikayla did, and it is very frustrating for him as he cannot tell us where it hurts or what he needs. I was dreading the drive home, but he was so brave and good.. he really is a little rock star.


Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Anyway, besides the kids constantly being sick, it has been a rough month. I am going through some demotivating stuff at work and I am completely drained by the time I get home. It is definitely something I need to work on as it is not having a very nice impact on my family. There has also been some terrible, absolutely devastating things going on around the world and I found myself crying for people I do not even know more than once. I am tired, I am sad, I am demotivated and I am just plain gatvol… but you know what? Siting around complaining into a computer screen is not going to make it any better, so I am going to try take this week one day at a time and focus on the good and positive!


Earlier this month I got a Tweet that literally knocked my socks off – I was notified that my little blog was awarded the Top Personal Blog by The African Blogger awards – how awesome is that?! I am really hoping that it will open some doors for me… it is so nice to get some recognition for something you put so much heart and soul into. You might not believe me, but blogging actually is a lot of work… it’s not all glitzy events and freebies. It takes a lot of time, energy, focus and self-motivation. I get quite precious about my little blog, it is after all an extension of myself.


Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust


I learned quite a couple of new things this month as well and had to reach a whole new level of adult when we decided to hire a full-time nanny for my son. I now have to fill out UIF forms and register myself as an employer and who knows what else. It is all worth it though as she is an absolute angel… I am so grateful that we found her. She adores Knox and she is so good with him, and it helps me a bit with the mom guilt. It really helps knowing that I have a support structure at home and that there is someone to care for the kids when they are sick. I have maxed out my mom-card at work with the kids being so sick, so this really gives me ease of mind knowing that I don’t have to take off every couple of weeks. Then there are also the people who just don’t understand that I can’t take off so much from work – but that’s another story for a different time.


It was so nice being at home this weekend, home is where your mom is! There is just something awesome about sitting in the garden you used to play in as a kid, or sitting in your old bedroom filled with typical teenage stuff, eating your mom’s home cooked meals and having your family around you. The air out there is cleaner, the open space makes my soul sing and the familiar smells, noises and sight calmed me like nothing else can.


Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust




Anticipating: I have decided on a few changes for the blog. I spend so much time on every single post and have been taken advantage of so many times… I have decided that from now on, if people want me to work on campaigns with them they are simply going to have to pay me for my time. I am so tired of everyone always expecting everything to be done for free… A lot of hard work goes into a blog post, and it is time that I could be spending sleeping – or watching brainless television! Obviously I will still only work on campaigns I believe in and that I think you would find interesting, but is it really that bad to expect people to see value in your time and effort and to be compensated for that? I want to put more time and effort, and more of myself into these campaigns and personalize them instead of pushing products in your face like a Verimark ad. No more freebies!! Reviews are a different story, my opinion cannot be bought. I would never charge for reviews as I don’t ever want to feel obligated to word vomit nice things about a product I’m not absolutely mad about. Speaking about reviews, up until now I have only published reviews on products that I ended up loving, or started buying myself – would you want to see the bad reviews as well? I usually just can those as I don’t want to turn the blog into a negative space, but what do you think? How do all of this make you feel? I would really like your opinion…


Excited About: I have been waiting patiently for a few years now, and I am finally going back to Tamar to get going on the rest of my sleeve! I can’t wait to see how she has interpreted my idea for my next tattoo. She is amazing and such a brilliant artist… It is going to be awesome.  Also, super excited for Disney On Ice – we go every single year and the kids love it! Also, Cole’s parents will be arriving in a few weeks time after living in England for the past six months – we have missed them so much, especially the kids. They are going to be over the moon when they see their nanna and pa.


Accepting: That I still have a lot of growing up to do… seriously, I feel like I missed a whole chapter in the hand book. I suppose it doesn’t help that we got married young and had kids at a young age. I am also accepting the fact that I have a bit of a Snapchat addiction, although the app has made me see sides of people I really didn’t want to see. People I used to love now irritate the crap out of me and I am loving the people who used to irritate me! To find out if I am annoying, follow me at caffeineandfair 😉


Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And FairydustCurrently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust


Appreciating: The nanny, seriously… she is a gift from above and I really hope that she stays with us for a very long time. We all adore her and she already has a very special part in our family. Being a working mom really is not easy. It is however the life I chose, so I have had to make certain sacrifices to support it. It took me a while but after completely burning out I realized that it is impossible to do it all, all the time.


Feeling: A bit freaked out that half the year has gone by already… is it just me or does time go by ridiculously fast as you get older? The kids are growing up so fast and it scares me… there is so much I want to hold on to but it is like trying to hold the finest sand in your hands. It is scary when you realize that time is not going to wait for you,that you have to keep up or get left behind.


Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Loving: Our awesome fur babies. Pets are amazing, they always know when something’s up or when you need some extra love and warmth. I wish I had a farm, I would adopt all the rescue animals! We have two new additions to the family, Shimmer and Sprinkle. We adopted them last month from Raise and Rescue, and geeez – the personalities on those two! They are sisters and they have such a special bond – I just knew I had to keep them together. Shimmer is a total cuddle bug and she is so fluffy I could die. She loves sleeping under the covers in the bed with me and is a total lap cat. Sprinkle on the other had has ants in her pants and can never sit still for long enough. Besides the two of them we have Bam (our pavement special dog), Green Pepper (our obese rescue cat), Rhino (my favourite Main Coon/pavement special crossbreed) and Tinkerbell the rat.

Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And FairydustCurrently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Questioning: My faith in humanity. After the Pulse nightclub shooting and the disgusting response from the internet after a little boy was snatched by an alligator at Disney World – I am just left speechless at how insensitive and evil people can be. I don’t want to get into it now, but dammit… don’t be kak. Be lekker.


Listening to: Loads of Bon Iver! It is really calming.

Reading: Bones Of The Lost by Kathy Reichs, so far so good! It kinda reminds me of the series Bones… have you read it?

Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

Watching: I watched like an unhealthy amount of like Keeping Up With The Kardashians this weekend at my like parents house. Like,  what is it about that family?? No matter how much you ,like, despise them, or how annoying and, like, messed up they are… you, like, can’t look away? It is like a car accident on the N1, and my brain cells are the, like, casualties?


Considering: Shaving all my hair off. Okay, I won’t, but I think about it all the time. It has been over a year since Knox was born and my hair still has not gone back to normal. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is.

Currently 20/06/2016 - Caffeine And Fairydust

My Vegan Journey: I have had to revert back to being a Vegetarian until I have done some more research on Veganism and what foods to eat etc. I am obviously not doing it very well as my iron levels plummet and I just end up feeling yuck. I need some recipes and advice please! I really want to make this work. It so strange as Cole and I ate the same things, but he is perfectly fine? I guess everyone is different.


Wrap-up: In-case you missed it – here are some of April, May and June’s most popular posts (has it really been that long since I’ve done a Currently??)


  1. Without My Permission – Women Deal With Rape Culture Every Single Day (I’m sorry, but everyone should read this one – and while you are at it… share it with every male you know)
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So, how about you? What are you up to today? I would love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts?! That sounded better in my head. And thanks again to my dear friend Cindy for providing the original inspiration for these posts.

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