Currently… 29/01/2015

FI feel like I am in some weird parallel universe or Twilight zone… it has been seven weeks since Knox was born and my baby girl turned four this month…four! What the hell. I also seem to be entering my midlife crisis about ten years early… If i knew what I know now… growing up is a trap – don’t do it! Listen to Peter Pan!  

Currently... 29/01/2015

Feeling:  For the first time in my life I am uncertain of my future. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve known from the moment I put together my first Barbie outfit that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer and up until recently I have made a very successful career out of it. I made one wrong move that has costed me my passion for my job… I put myself in a position where I was surrounded by toxic people and allowed it to affect my self-esteem, passion and health. As the Polish say – Not my circus, not my monkeys. The only solid thing I have at the moment is being a mom – it is what I love most of all and I wish I could make a career out of it!  

Listening to: Mikayla and I are going through a Taylor Swift phase – it’s on my playlist right after Marilyn Manson, Korn, Radiohead and Billy Talent – I know right? I would much rather be “shaking it off” than “letting it go”. Wow…that was a lame mom joke… I think I’m getting old. I also managed to find the soundtrack to Cayote Ugly at Musica for R37.00 – SCORE! Cole is rediscovering his love for Incubus and The White Stripes.

Currently... 29/01/2015
Currently... 29/01/2015 To think I had LeAnn Rimes’s hairstyle and owned a pair of pants like that…

Feeling thankful for: Using UIF Services instead of trying to deal with it myself. I’m thankful for my gorgeous, healthy kids. Knox went for his six week check-up and all is well! His lungs are fine,he has caught up with his weight and size. I am loving being on maternity leave and getting to spend time at home with my family. Ooh and I am thankful for our new Memory Foam pillows. I’m thankful for losing 3 kg’s…22 kg to go! Also thankful for finally winning a competition – I received a gorgeous hand crafted ring and bangle from VRVO Adornments.

Currently... 29/01/2015

Making: Memories 🙂 And I did some serious D.I.Y for Mikayla’s Rainbow Birthday Party – but that’s for a later post. .

Freaked out about: The fact that my daughter went from a teeny tiny 2.9kg baby to a 4-year old girl… and that it has been 7 weeks since I had my tiny little Knox who is now a whopping 4.7kg and 6cm taller. Where is the time going???  

Currently... 29/01/2015
Currently... 29/01/2015

Anticipating: Our little family getaway to Franskraal! I can’t wait to be in the open space, breathe some fresh ocean air and just relax. This time we will be taking Cole’s parents and grandparents with us, so it will be super special.  

Eating: I am taking full advantage of Mango season! Mikayla is shaking things up with fish fingers and Cole… well…he made himself a sandwich yesterday…

Currently... 29/01/2015

Watching: I recently finished Nashville – I am shocked at how much I love it! Now to wait… I’ve moved on to a show called Switched At Birth for my daytime feeding pass time- It’s kind of crap, but I like it because it really gives you a wonderful perspective on what it is like to be deaf/HOH. For our Alone/Save Our Sanity time Cole and I are watching Peaky Blinders – it’s quite hectic, but really good!  

Loving: My new Rosemary & Lime Victorian Garden Shampoo and my gorgeous hair courtesy of Melissa! Loving being able to drink real coffee again and to eat sushi from my favourite place – Rock Sushi Thai. Also love that my little Knox is becoming so responsive and is awake for longer periods. I Love that my daughter doesn’t miss a chance to try turn her brother into a fairy princess.

Currently... 29/01/2015

Best thing I’ve heard:Me: “Mikayla, don’t be so noisy!”                                      Mikayla: “It’s okay mom, Knox’s face is awake.”

8 thoughts on “Currently… 29/01/2015

  1. Stephanie says:

    Isnt it just so scary how time flies, i mean just thee other day my baby was born and now shes nearly 2 sometimes i wish time would stand still, congrats on the weight loss

  2. catjuggles says:

    I always love these posts and also sometimes indulge in them. Got to love a great chip samie now and again. And love Mikayla’s reply.

    On the growing up note – I all of a sudden have a 10 year old! Just the other day she was just a few weeks old

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