Happy Halloween!! Here’s Some Great Tricks & Treats

Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year for various reasons. I love dressing up, I love the costumes and the eerie vibes. I love seeing all the creative make-up tutorials, home decor and baking happening on my Instagram feed and I love the sentiment behind Dias de Muertos. A day where our loved ones who have passed on can return to us, be honoured and remembered.

Even if you don’t believe in all the Hocus Pokus and it clashes with your religious views – it is still fun dressing up and taking to the streets at night for trick or treating! My kids are beside themselves, and I am so happy that most of our neighbourhood will be participating tonight. Halloween is something that seems to be catching on in South Africa, so here are a few tricks and treats to see you through!


Decorate your house with toilet paper, fake spiderwebs and some plastic spiders! You can find almost all of this at your local budget toy store and the cost doesn’t have to put you in the grave. If you feel like going the extra mile, I found an awesome Halloween store based in Alberton (JHB) – I shopped via their online store and they delivered withing 24hours! If you are in the area, definitely pop in.

If you are feeling crafty, have a look at Rebecca from In These Stiletto’s rad Halloween Sensory Bin and Halloween Slime!

If your are taking your kids trick or treating, do so responsibly by making sure they hit the BEST houses so that you can steal the BEST candy afterwards. How? Relatively easy…

Step 1: Meticulous Planning

Find out who in your neighbourhood is participating and hit the houses with the most decorations first. They obviously take Halloween seriously and will most likely have the best candy.

Step 2: Use What Your Mama Gave You!

Make your kids pull ridiculously cure faces, that way, they are more likely to get away with “accidently” taking a huge handful of candy!

Step 3: Just Checking If It’s Poison!

Raid your kids’s candy as they go along and hide the good stuff in your pockets. Wait until they are asleep, and have the best Halloween ever.


If you don’t have any treats up your sleeve and you want to get something special – head on over to Netflorist! They have a spooktacular range of personalised candy jars, creepy t-shirts, flowers, mugs, cookie bouquets, cupcakes, chocolate trays, cakes and more. Here are a few of my favourites:

If there is not enough time to order and you are the DIY kind, head on over to The Milk Memoirs for Tracey’s Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe!

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Follow along on Instagram to come Trick or Treating with us tonight and to see what we dress up as!


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