How I’m Hoping Baby Signing Will Save My Sanity & Help Us Bond

I was recently introduced to the world of baby signing by watching one of my favourite babies on Instagram, Stevie, grasp it with such ease. Luckily for me, her momma decided to launch Signing Baby, making it easy for us to also teach our little ones how to sign!

We all know that babies communicate with us by crying… but what if we could give our preverbal babies the tools to “speak” to us? To better communicate their needs and frustrations, giving them a secondary outlet and thereby creating a more positive experience all around.

My favourite excerpt from Gaelyn’s e-book:

Babies and children find the smallest new discovery fascinating. Their faces light up with excitement when a raindrop hits a puddle, when a caterpillar crawls on their finger, or when an animal walks in front of them. The world is a magical place to young children, full of adventures, things to see, smell, taste, touch, and most of all, to share with the people they love. When your baby has the tools to share their excitement with you, they are encouraged to explore the world around them even more.

The most challenging part for me will be to learn the sign language myself. I will also be teaching my older kids so that they can join in the fun. It will require consistency, which is tough with three kids, a household and business to run. I do feel that this is important, so I will make it happen.


Gaelyn’s e-book is so enlightening, and I love the “cue cards” we received from her. To learn more, visit

The Signing Baby eBook includes:

  • The history of baby signing.
  • The benefits of baby signing.
  • How to sign with your baby.
  • Techniques and tips to sign with your baby more effectively.
  • An illustrated signing dictionary, containing 100 signs.
  • Printable themed posters.
  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook community for support and assistance on your signing journey. This is a wonderful place to show off your clever child’s signs, ask questions, and connect with other signing parents.
  • For every eBook purchased, we will donate 5% of the profits to an underprivileged special needs facility, to enable caregivers and facilitators to teach sign language to the children in their care who need it most.
  • You can sponsor a Signing Baby book (hard copy) to a special school/hospital/care facility/children’s home of your choice for only R150.

Are you joining me?


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