It’s A Boy! What Do You Do With Them?!

From the day that Cole and I decided we wanted to try for our second child, I have wanted a boy. I even used the Chinese Gender Predictor Calender to better our chances (don’t judge me, it worked). Don’t get me wrong, It’s definitely not that I would have been disappointed if we ended up having another girl – it’s just that I really see myself as a pigeon pair kind of mom… and I always here about that special bond between moms and their boys.

A boy… I  planned his cute little outfits in my daydreams and could just imagine how cute he was going to be… a complete momma’s boy!

When we went to our first appointment at the Fetal Assesment Center in Cape Town, they confirmed that we were indeed expecting a boy. We were over the moon! I nearly jumped off the bed with excitement, and burst out crying – I was just so happy! My thoughts quickly went from absolute happiness to… oh shit. Not even the proud look on my husband’s face could eliminate the fear I felt building up in my deepest heart of hearts.

I do not have any experiences with little boys.. I have three sisters and pretty much only female cousins. I also have absolutely no experience with changing little boy’s diapers, but all the stories I hear involve some sort of pee malfunction. ALWAYS. Usually in the facial region. I don’t think I will handle streaming pee in my face with calmness and grace. And my mascara is very expensive.

I am the mom of a 3-year-old girl and, for as much drama and tears and whining we endure on a daily basis, she makes perfect sense to me. She loves princesses, pink frosting on cupcakes, dressing up in my jewelry, wearing my high heels, ponies, sparkles, and wearing tiaras when we go grocery shopping, and so do I. That is normal to me.. Boys eat mud.

It's A Boy! What Do You Do With Them?!

Every time I see little boys in the park they are usually trying to eat rocks, smear mud on one another, or kill each other with sticks. On the few occasions that I have seen little boys inside a house, they’re jumping on couches, falling through glass tables, breaking windows or laughing at their farts. We go to the forest to look for fairies, boys go to the forest to catch bugs.. We like wearing tutu’s and doing ballet, boys like monster trucks and wrestling. What if the arrival of a boy this New Year disturbs our Frozen reciting, Disney Princess, sparkly, colourful world??

Okay… honest truth… at the heart of my fear is that I won’t be a good mom to a boy. What if I don’t know what kinds of toys he wants to play with? What if I baby him too much? What if I don’t raise him to be tough enough?

More than anything, I just want to be a good mom. The unknown is terrifying! All that said, I am already so in love with this little man doing karate kicks in my tummy – I cannot wait to meet him.

If you are a mom of a boy, what do I need to know? What is the best thing about having a boy? What are your top tips?

Update! (2015)

So turns out having a boy is actually pretty easy. I have only been pee’d on about 6 times, but he hasn’t manage to get me in the face yet! He is a whole year old and I still freak out a tiny bit every time I take off his diaper and see his dingly bits – and there is so much to learn – so much I did not know would happen! But that is a whole post on it’s own. He climbs on everything, we have already been to the E.R and he has already undergone surgery.. but he is tough. 

2 thoughts on “It’s A Boy! What Do You Do With Them?!

  1. Gypsy Jangle says:

    I’ve seen so many parents who are all about gender fluidity, and just letting your child be without imposing pink dresses and dolls on girls, and not imposing trucks and balls on boys. But one thing I’ve learnt is: boys will be boys. My son continually fascinates me with his intrinsically boyish ways, because it’s what he’s naturally drawn to. And it’s nothing I’ve taught him. Trust me, with Cole around, your little guy will let you know what he wants. All I know is, if it’s a ball or has wheels, you can’t go wrong. I have golf balls, soccer balls, rugby balls, Waboba balls, beach balls ALL over my house. You can never have too many. And then there you get the toy trucks, cars, motorbikes and trains. (At two and a half, he’s only recently showed an interest in cars. But balls have been a big deal for ages now). Anyway. despite all of this, he still likes to wear my bras and paint his nails when I paint mine….

  2. andrewlene says:

    Hi, i have a 3 year old girl that loves everything pink, cute, furry and cuddly..and yes a 2 year old son which loves everything thats dirty but in all honest truth its hard work to raise a boy you have to constantly watch whats been put in his mouth, cant leave them alone for 5min or ur cupboard is another color( mine was painted by little hands BLACK!!)
    Tip 1…always presume his doing something wrong(cuz he is)
    Tip 2…buying cute clothes(in our minds yes) they wanne walk around in there bday suites
    Tip 3…buying expensive toys…dont…he will play with rocks stick and his sisters underwear heehee
    Tip 4 its awesome having a boy in the house he will give you hugs out the blue one day(cuz they normally dont) when you need a hug, he will love you, say you pretty when having a bad hair day and most of all you can teach him to be a king and show him how a man should treat a lady…
    CONGRATS ON UR BABY….enjoy and we wont judge you if you full of mud(like me) its great for the skin

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