Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Oh, How Things Have Changed.

I know it has been such a long time since I have sent out one of these. Life has been crazy – from moving to Ireland and being thrown into the midst of a pandemic, to figuring out homeschooling and what exactly I want from life.

We have all had to make some really big changes – and we all cope in different ways. With this whole Covid-19 clusterf*ck, I found something that put my anxiety at ease and has helped me feel truly content for the first time in forever. It was the last thing I ever expected to find joy in… and it’s cleaning and organising my house. 

I never used to like cleaning, but this all changed recently when I moved to Ireland and having a domestic worker became a thing of the past. As I shined my sink and looked over my clean kitchen, the smell of Zoflora filling every corner of my house – I realised that my anxiety was nowhere to be found. Every day, as I clean, I seem to clean through my mind as well. I work through my thoughts, and by focusing on what I am doing I am also pushing my anxiety away. The feeling of total satisfaction and pride that comes over me when I look at what I have accomplished is absolutely amazing. I love my home, I love my life, and in such a difficult time – that makes me incredibly lucky.

A few weeks ago I started sharing my cleaning on Instagram and the response has been overwhelming to say the least. My inbox is flooded with encouraging and positive DM’s and I feel like we have started a little community. I have been asked to share a cleaning schedule, which you can find in this e-mail.

On my Instagram profile you can find a couple of highlights saved:

  • Washing Machine Clean – I show you how to deep clean your washing machine once a month
  • Tumble dryer clean – I show you how to deep clean your tumble dryer
  • SA Alternatives – products I have sourced for my South African readers that are to serve as a replacement for the products I have found here
  • Bathroom Clean – I show you how I deep clean my bathroom
  • Tips – All my favourite cleaning hacks and tips
  • Bins – I show you how to clean your bins and keep them smelling fresh
  • Cleaning 1 & Cleaning 2 – Just me cleaning, some find it therapeutic, others motivating and the rest think its crazy
  • All of you – thats where I post some of the messages, hauls and tips my followers sent in

And much more! It’s always growing and being updated so have a look.

The Cleaning Schedule

What I normally do if I do not get to something in the month, is to highlight it for the next month so that I know it has to get done! I want to just make it clear that no-one’s situation is the same. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to everything. You need to change your mindset in order to enjoy something that you used to view as a chore. Find some cleaning products that smell amazing, and let’s get through this schedule together! Start with the jobs you enjoy the most so that you are more likely to follow through and do the jobs you like the least.

And most importantly – blast some rad music or listen to your favourite podcast, view this as me-time. Make it fun!

Print it out and stick it somewhere that you can see it every day. I would love to see your progress! I was also told I needed a hashtag – so if you want to share your cleaning hauls, tips, progress, before and afters etc. with me please use #cleanwithcaffeine so we can all see it! 

Caffeine and Fairydust cleaning schedule

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