Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I’m Late…

For the past two weeks of 2017 I have been in limbo… finished with 2016, but not quite ready to start 2017 yet – so I didn’t… I just hung out somewhere in-between.


I know I am not the only one that feels this way, but 2016 was a really hard year for my family and I. I have mentioned this a few times, but I am convinced that David Bowie & Prince may have been the glue holding our entire world together. And let’s not even talk about Carrie Fisher, because I’m so not ready. It’s odd, my first reaction is that 2016 was a horrible year, but when I sit and think about it – there were so many wonderful and joy filled moments as well. Watching Knox get bigger and stronger, watching Mikayla develop her own little personality even more. Watching the kids play together and love each other… Hearing Knox starting to talk. Realizing our dream of moving out to the countryside and starting a new and better job. Watching the new Star Wars Movie in 3D, reaching personal goals, and making new friends. It’s just, for whatever reason, these moments don’t weigh quite as much as the bad. They’re easier to forget about. It’s easy to get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity – and that is something I need to work on for the year ahead. I see many bloggers choosing a word for the year instead of making New Years’ resolutions, well – I choose POSITIVITY. Easier said than done, but I will sure as hell try.


Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I'm Late... ( Dandelion)


Sharon wrote a great post yesterday about removing the filter from our lives, how we only see what people want to share on social media (a kind of highlight reel with a pretty filter) and while I found myself nodding in agreement with everything she said, I also still like my happy and filtered images. I like the idea of sharing the good in your day, however hard that day might have actually been. I look at my Instagram feed and it never fails to remind me how lucky I am – how much beauty there is in this world that can often be so ugly, how many days of joy, giggles and brilliant sunshine amongst all the darkness. It’s the only defence I can think of for our filtered instagram generation – millions of people coming together to say “LOOK at this glorious sunset!” and “I tried something new today! You should too! Look how fun life can be!”, or even “there is a smiley face in my coffee!”. I kind of need it, I need to focus on joy and highlight reels, now and then. I think the issue comes in when you start comparing yourself to others – comparison is the thief of joy. You have your own life and beautiful moments to add to a highlight reel.


Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I'm Late...


I have been on holiday for the past three weeks, and for the first time I feel properly rested and ready to take on the year. I say that I was in limbo, because I took a break from EVERYTHING (except the hubby and kids – because moms don’t get breaks). I didn’t blog, I didn’t attend events, I didn’t open my laptop or check my e-mails. I just existed… and it was absolutely amazing. 2017 only started for me yesterday when I started work. The kids are both back at school, Mikayla is loving it while Knox is not completely convinced yet. He’ll get there.

Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I'm Late...


This year I am also going to focus on doing less. Yes, less. I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself, I end up burning out when we have not even reached the middle of the year yet. There really is no need, and it took some major mistakes and lessons learnt for me to realize that.


So anyway, happy New Year! May it be filled with highlight moments.


What are your goals or “word” for the year?


Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I'm Late...

3 thoughts on “Oh, Hi 2017! Sorry I’m Late…

  1. Sharon says:

    I agree! Pretty images FTW! But I do think it’s important to remember from time to time that no ones life is as pretty as it looks. That life is real, hard and at times ugly.
    For me, 2016 was actually a really good year on a personal level. My anxiety and depression were under control and we made some important decisions that will be life changing. I am so excited for 2017! Bring it! It’s going to be a great year!

  2. Megan Keith says:

    This post is amazing! Thanks for sharing! And it has insoired me to Challenge myself to share a photo a day (ill try my best) of one good thing in my day. Just one Thing/aspect of my day that was positive and happy…no matter how bleak the day may have been. Thank you for the inspiration! Megan x

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