Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

I made it to the last week of my 1st trimester of pregnancy with pretty much no morning sickness, but by crawling on my hands and knees through the most debilitating exhaustion I have ever felt in my life! I have never felt this tired, and I have two kids – I have been tired since 2011. It is really something else, but I seem to be reaching the end of it. Turns out I am anemic, which is a bit of an issue seeing that I am severely allergic to most iron supplements I have tried.

That being said, yesterday I had my first proper scan where my baby did not look like a weird type of hybrid bean. I can tell you this, it never gets any less amazing watching that little body wiggle around and wave it’s arms inside your womb. It is absolutely mindblowing to me and I could not help but cry.

Baby is the size of a lemon…

and already has fingerprints – how mental is that? Everything looked perfectly fine at our scan and doc is happy with the growth rate. It is always such a relief to hear that everything is okay. With Knox we already knew at 12 weeks that he was a boy, he had absolutely no modesty and flung his legs open to flash us the first chance he got – this one is a tad more shy so we don’t know the gender just yet.

13 weeks marks the time most women traditionally tell people they’re pregnant, because by this stage you are officially over the ‘danger zone’ of the first 12 weeks when miscarriage is more common than the rest of pregnancy. I cannot tell you how many backhanded comments I received from people (not friends and family – just acquaintances) about announcing my pregnancy so early. “Oh, so you really feel fine? Because you told people really early on in your pregnancy… I would have waited” … yeah well, I did it on purpose just to annoy you.

Everyone is different, and everyone chooses to handle their pregnancy differently.

There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that people seem to think they have a right to an opinion when it comes to these kind of things.

Some people have also struggled to hide their disappointment when I tell them I have not had morning sickness or any other symptoms besides sore boobs and being ridiculously tired. Well Susan, I survived two extremely complicated and difficult pregnancies previously, I think I deserve an easy ride – ok?

Why are people so weird?

That being said, I have never been more grateful for good friends, family and the community I found through this blog of mine. I have been touched by your sweet comments and thoughtful words of encouragement as shared our shocking terrifying surprising happy news. After over 4 years of blogging, it really feels like I’m sharing this journey with old friends.  And it’s so cool to hear that some of you are also expecting, so we are on this ride together!

Today I am also ordering my first pair of maternity leggings.

I have started showing at 10 weeks already and this swollen bump is getting extremely difficult to dress. Very few of my clothes fit me and I have gained quite a bit of weight – but YOLO! I need to find some lovely, flowy and comfy maternity dresses for Summer, so if you have seen any lately – please do let me know.

Luckily I have been sleeping really well, but I am having the craziest dreams…

and it really does not help that I have started watching the The Haunting Of Hill House recently or that I have become semi addicted to a Nintendo game called Fortnite…

I have started feeling flutters of movement, and have not had any real food aversions – except mayo. I cannot do mayo at all! Craving sour all the time – I am eating lemons by the bucketload and putting vinegar to pretty much everything. I also prefer plain chicken to red meat or pork and cannot do any fizzy drinks at all.

Other than that… I had a migraine attack last night and thought I was going to die – does anyone have any natural / pregnancy safe remedies I can try next time? Panado did not quite cut it. I get heartburn quite often, depending on what I eat and I have started getting round ligament pains – especially when I cough or sneeze (or just get up too fast!).

But yeah, that is pretty much where I am at right now! I am really enjoying this pregnancy. I am grateful that I don’t have to juggle a full-time job along with growing a human like with the previous two babes (I honestly don’t know how I made it through).

Thank you again for all the check-ins and kind words, and thank you for sharing your journey with me too!



12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

  1. Amelia Meyer says:

    I would tell people the millisecond I suspected I was pregnant. I have no filter or secret-keeping device. I respect everybody’s different decisions, but just because you decided to share it doesn’t mean they have to. What HAPPY happy times! Congratulations.

  2. Emma Churchyard says:

    MrP actually has some really nice maternity and feeding clothes, that don’t cost a fortune, especially when you know you’re only going to be wearing them for a limited period of time!
    Enjoy every moment, pregnancy is magical (even though the exhaustion and morning sickness 😉)
    My little one is almost 3 months old now and time is flying by!

  3. Emma Churchyard says:

    P.S. if you nearest MrP store doesn’t have nice stuff, look online, you can order, they deliver to the store for free and you can return at the store too if stuff doesn’t fit.
    Also, of headaches continue to be a problem, go see a physio 😊 dry needling worked wonders for my pregnancy headaches. (I’m a physio myself and have helped many pregnant ladies with headaches).

  4. Dee says:

    Hi! I have only recently started following your blog and I am hooked 😉 we have so much in common! It’s my 3rd baby as well; have not had a bad 1st trimester except for extreme fatigue and sore boobs and omg the nightmares after I binged the haunting of hill house!! I’ve decided I can only watch the next few eps early in the morning:-)

    When you announced so early I was a little surprised but my journey is different (4 miscarriages and an ectopic over the past 3 years) but you said it’s your last and you want to celebrate it. And those words have stayed with me whenever I feel I’m getting “too excited”. So thank you for that xx

    All the best with the rest of the pregnancy. Here’s hoping to an awesome 2nd trimester for both of us!!


    • Maz says:

      OOOOh I love it when I find like-minded people through this blog! How far along are you?
      I totally get that for some people it was a shock because they have experienced miscarriages etc – trust me, I have had two friends lose their babies in the weeks before I announced my pregnancy and it was awful. I would prefer to have the support of my family and friends should it have happened though, without having to explain too much. I am also just so very excited and I know this baby is meant for me – it might sound weird, but I just know everything is going to be okay. I want to celebrate it, I live in enough fear already when it comes to everyday life – I am just going to enjoy this ride and so should you!


      • Dee says:

        I’ll be 13 weeks on Tuesday. And have started enjoying this more and more. Its great that the whole family is particpating in this pregnancy with me 🙂 my kids are 9 (girl) and 8 (boy) so everyone is involved … its absolutely awesome.

  5. Kim Muller says:

    I’m sorry about the tiredness and iron deficiency. Hoping you get past that quickly. People are so freaking weird. I had similar comments and judgements when I was pregnant with Harper. Mine was more about why I didn’t find out her gender during pregnancy. “but don’t you want to prepare?” lol wrote about it on my blog somewhere.

    I’m so very happy for you. And I think I may have some dresses for you if you’re interested.

    • Maz says:

      Thanks Kim! It is funny how people instantly want to have an opinion about yoyr choices / body etc when you are pregnant. The worst for me is baby names… I would never forget telling someone what we were planning to call Mikayla and them going “Oh, I don’t like that at all”… I was so angry it put me off the name and we ended up naming her Mikayla instead! To this day I refuse to tell anyone (even family) what we are thinking in terms of names

  6. Liesl says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy. People can be so judgemental. I annouched my 2nd pregnancy at 4 weeks as soon as we found out as we were so excited. Unfortunately it ended at 8 weeks but I wouldn’t have done it any differently as I had a amazing support system from family and friends supporting us in the difficult time. Same with the 3rd pregnancy that also ended early. Why would anybody want to go though these things alone?

    People can be so nosy. Regarding names I kept my daughter’s name a surprise until the day she was born so that I didnt have to hear any negative feedback on it. They knew it was a girl so that is all that they had to know.
    Do the pregnancy your way, don’t let anybody negatively influence you. Enjoy this because it is a magical journey. The best of luck for the next 2 trimesters.

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