Product Review: The LG NeoChef™ & The Ultimate Challenge…

I was sent the new LG NeoChef™ to try out about a month ago. I saw so many people give rave reviews, so I decided to put the microwave to the ultimate challenge and see for myself what it is really made of. I decided to cook our entire family Christmas lunch in it, including two roasts…

The absolute look of terror on my husband’s face was hilarious, but if I have to be honest – I was a little worried myself. Cooking for 8 people, only using a microwave and only giving myself three hours… on Christmas Day…. was maybe a little bit insane.

So, why did I think this challenge was such a bright idea and how did the LG NeoChef measure up? Is it worth the price tag? Let’s break it down, and let me show you why this microwave is going to change my life.


I just love the subtle minimalistic design. It is clean and sleek, modern yet superbly functional and convenient. It suits any kitchen – even my old country/farm one. It has a unified tempered glass front, a refined matte exterior and is ergonomically designed with a rounded pocket-style handle and diamond cut dial. It has an intuitive touch control interface which is really simple to use. This microwave has received multiple world-renowned design awards, and it is easy to see why.

our kitchen - LG NeoChef


The LG NeoChef™ features the latest Smart Inverter Technology from LG Electronics. It has a range of  hygiene-enhancing features, including an Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ Coating to help you keep your microwave oven clean and fresh with minimal effort. The EasyClean feature makes it harder for dangerous contaminants to take root, eliminating 99,99% of harmful bacteria.

The reason I decided on this challenge was that one of the statements made by LG on the press release was that “there was no cooking job that the NeoChef cannot handle”. Well, obviously my rebellious side went… “are you sure about that? I’ll show you…”


I kept the whole chicken as well as the pork frozen solid as I wanted to test out the microwave oven’s defrosting capabilities. It was super boring as it did exactly what the manual stated and actually completely defrosted both effortlessly. The LG NeoChef™ uses linear power control between 300 to 1200 watts to evenly cook and defrost food, while at the same time preserving nutrients and locking in flavour.

I honestly thought that the pork and chicken roast would be the biggest challenge yet. I mean, what microwave can do a proper roast? For my most challenging meal I used one of my favorite family recipes – Citrus Infused Honey & Mustard Roasted Chicken. Click here or on the below image for the recipe – you can thank me later. I cannot tell you how nervous I was. I have only ever made this meal using a conventional electric oven and it usually takes about 1h 40mins from start to finish.

Guys, sit down for this. It took 40 minutes in the LG NeoChef™… 40 minutes to the most succulent, melt in your mouth soft and perfectly roasted chicken ever. This is a massive game changer, especially for us working moms. YOU CAN MAKE A 1,2KG ROAST CHICKEN IN ONLY 40mins! That is insane.

All you need to do when making a roast is place it in an oven-proof glass dish and brush it down with butter/olive oil. You then place it in the microwave, select the Inverter Cook option and turn the dial until the display shows 1-5. You need to select the number as per the instruction manual for the different kind of roast options, then select the weight and press start. At some point during cooking the LG NeoChef™ will sing you a little tune and you will need to turn the roast over and press start again. That is it.

The 2,4kg roast pork took a little longer, but instead of ± 3 hours in a oven, it took about a hour in the LG NeoChef™. It cooked straight through, locked in all the juices and the flavor was out of this world. It even roasted the skin to a crisp perfection and caramelized the cherries on top (which was not intentional, but it tasted damn good).

I also made a baked dish, another family favorite that I have only ever done in the oven. Once again, it came out perfectly, just took half the amount of time than it would normally take in the oven. It was really easy to monitor the baking process as the energy-efficient interior LED lamp is three times brighter than conventional models.

The veggies were the easiest – all I did was steam them slightly. I then melted the butter using the soften and melt menu specifications, poured it over my vegetables and turned the grill on. For the potatoes I used the LG Healthy Fry Feature, which I still cannot quite wrap my head around. This feature enables the microwave to preserve the distinct taste of each dish while making them healthier, with less oil and 72% less fat.

My guests could not believe that I made all of this using my LG NeoChef™. Lunch was an absolute hit and I am so blown away by what this little machine can do. Just paging through the instruction manual there is so much I would like to try, like the following popular recipes that have already been tried and tested by LG: Rice Pudding, Potato Gratin, Ratatouille, Stuffed Tomatoes, Bootie, Braam-Lamb Chops or Steak (yes…. you can braai in it!), Curry Chicken and Briyani.

No more rushing home after work, stressing about getting dinner on the table in time. You can actually serve a nutritional, delicious and balanced meal with minimal effort and at half the time it would normally take to prepare.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a new microwave. This would also be amazing for anyone moving out on their own or students as you won’t even need to purchase an oven as well. Everything you need is in this little machine.

It is worth every single cent. I would recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a new microwave.

To find out more about the LG NeoChef, simply go to


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7 thoughts on “Product Review: The LG NeoChef™ & The Ultimate Challenge…

  1. Rachelle says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve been so curious to hear what you think and it sounds fantastic. Very helpful! I’m an LG fan already so off to visit their site now 🙂

  2. Celeste says:

    Sold! That’s right after I convince the better half to buy into it 😉 especially since it does boring things like defrosting too.

  3. Joanne says:

    This is such an entertaining and informative review, thank you so much! We have been on the hunt for a new microwave for months now. Hubby and I just cannot agree on one – I just showed him this and we are getting ours tomorrow!

  4. Michie Malherbe says:

    Hallo Maz,

    Wat was die modelnommer van jou Neochef?

    Watter liter grootte was dit?

    Was dit ‘n konveksie of ‘ n braai model?

    Baie dankie,


    • Maz says:

      Hi Michie!

      Model: MH8265CIS /00
      Hierdie model is toegepas met hulle Smart Inverter tegnologie – so is basies a konveksie en grill in een!

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