{Review} The GroSwaddledry | GroEgg2 | GroComforter

A while back we were sent these lovely items as Tommee Tippee celebrated the launch of the Gro Company in South Africa. Most parents are already familiar with the popular Grobags – but do you know about the rest of the products?

I was given the opportunity to try out the GroSwaddledry | GroEgg2 | GroComforter in exchange for a review. I will be giving you my honest opinion below, in order of what I loved most.

The GroSwaddledry

I’ve had three kids, and through all three of their baby years, I have found that the baby towel options are quite limited in South Africa –  especially when it comes to amazing quality. A towel is a towel, is a towel right? WRONG.

Tommee Tippee recently brought the Gro Company into our lives, and with that their range of Swaddledry towels. It is a swaddle shaped towel that is perfect for newborns and has been designed to recreate the soothing effects of swaddling after bathtime. Recommended from birth to 6 months. That being said,

This is my absolute favourite Gro product for the following reasons:

  • It is the softest towel I have ever held with my own two hands
  • The size is very generous, so you can properly wrap that little munchkin up and keep them warm
  • I have washed our Poppy The Penguin Groswaddledry towel exactly 5 times, and it is still as soft as the day I received it.
  • It is made of highly absorbent puredry microfibre – completely and effectively dries baby in no time!
  • It is quick drying, which is amazing in this Cape Town weather!

Other features:

  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Hood to keep the heat in after a bath
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat
  • Product Dimensions 100 x 48 cm (a regular baby towel is 80x80cm)
  • Comes in adorable characters!

Price Point: +/- R339 – which is quite expensive, this might deter me from purchasing the product – even though I do feel you get value for money. The price point is honestly the only con for this product.


The GroEgg2

This is my second favourite product and one that I would have purchased myself if Tommee Tippee had not gifted me with one.

The GroEgg2 has all the same qualities of The Gro Company’s original GroEgg. It comes with some additional, improved features including a silicone design which is noticeably bigger and is softer to touch. It also features adjustable brightness allowing it to be used as a nightlight or to find a light level that suits your baby. You can choose a softer light, or even no light at all. It still has the temperature reading, and the light changes according to the temperature (which also matches up with the colour indication on the GroBag).

I love it for the following reasons:

  • The brightness is adjustable, it makes for a soothing and visually appealing night light
  • Very easy to see the room temperature, giving instant peace of mind that I am dressing my baby appropriately.
  • The thermometer is accurate and easy to read
  • Soft to touch
  • Easy to clean and move from room to room
  • Absolute simplicity
  • Temperatures are easily explained, with a guide in the back of the GroEgg2 as well

A little less love:

  • You do need to have a USB cord that plugs into the GroEgg2 and it isn’t provided, so be sure you note this when purchasing your GroEgg2.

Overall, I love this little nightlight thermometer! It helps me with anxiety that the room may be too hot or cold – something every mom with non-verbal babies worry about!

Price Point: +/-R450


The GroComforter

Nova is still too small to use this the way it was intended. At the moment I carry it around for a bit every day so that it has my smell, and then place it in his cot with him when he goes down for a nap. I have been doing this with his soft toys or blankets since his NICU days and we honestly have never struggled with his sleep.

I love it for the following reasons:

  • Suitable From Birth
  • Has tactile and sensory features
  • It has a finger hole for using as an interactive puppet
  • It is machine washable

Price Point: +/- R200

Selected designs available at Baby City, selected Kid’s Emporium stores and online from Takealot, Loot and Charley’s Boxes. 

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