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The “Good-Enough” Birthday Party (+ One Thing I NEVER DO)

When I was a kid, the most extravagant birthday party I attended was… well, my own. My mom bought me this gorgeous, crushed velvet floral blue dress that looked like a toilet doily and she let me wear lipstick, blush and teased my hair. I had two outfit changes, we pretended that my jungle gym […]

The Most Amazing Star Wars Birthday Party That Ever Was

We decided to throw Mikayla and Knox a joint birthday party – it just made the most sense seeing as Knox’s birthday is in December, then it is Christmas, New Years, Mikayla’s birthday beginning January and then school starts. It is a crazy time of the year and I have been especially busy… luckily the girls […]

Mikayla’s “Magical Rainbow” Party

I needed a theme that would still look amazing, but would be super easy to do… and voila! A “Magical Rainbow” party for my beautiful, happy little girl’s 4th birthday (4th!!!!!!). The venue was absolutely perfect, and I can’t rave enough about Catherine who entertained the kiddos and made the party super special and the cake, as always, was divine.