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Currently… A Life Update – {July 2018}

July started off with a BANG!!! Wow… I think the biggest stress, and biggest change of all is that we have decided to move. Yes, I know… I love our house, I really do. It is beautiful – almost everything about it is perfect. I love the view from every single window, I love the […]

Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit

I have had so many people message, e-mail and phone me to ask what is going on… what happened… what have I done??? Well, I am going to try to explain it all. This post is about why and how I quit my job with no solid back-up plan, just a lot of hopes and […]

130 Things I Want To Teach My Children

When I look at you two, I see my heart, I never imagined I had this much love to give until I had a baby. You have taught me that my heart and my capacity to to love is not fixed, it grows each and every day. I love you, I will always love you and I will always be there for you – even after I die. I will watch over you until the end of time.