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The Big Helpful Post: Starting Solids

It is so good to start writing again. It is something that always brings me so much joy… that and food. Talking about food, Nova is on month 2 of starting solids and it is going so incredibly well. I have always found this part of the parenting journey exciting, food is my love language. […]

Breastfeeding… Let’s Get Real

For the first time in my life, I have made it past three months of breastfeeding my little baby. It has not come without its struggles – trust me. With my firstborn, we struggled immensely with colic. No matter what I did with my diet, my breast milk made her sick. My milk supply was […]

Our Weekly Update! 01/07

School holidays are kicking my butt. Seriously, it’s rough out here in the wilderness guys. I love having my kids around, but it also makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom, lie in an empty bathtub and drink wine. And yes, I’ve done that. It’s my own fault, I did not plan ahead. […]

How I’m Hoping Baby Signing Will Save My Sanity & Help Us Bond

I was recently introduced to the world of baby signing by watching one of my favourite babies on Instagram, Stevie, grasp it with such ease. Luckily for me, her momma decided to launch Signing Baby, making it easy for us to also teach our little ones how to sign! We all know that babies communicate […]

Feeling All Touched- Out

For the longest time I did not have the words to describe how I am feeling. I thought it was just my anxiety acting up, or a side-effect of PPD. But I realized what it was during this last growth spurt, as my husband handed Nova to me for what felt like the millionth time […]

19 Week Pregnancy Update, Gender Reveal, A Call For Help & Smashing Things To Pieces

It feels like I sat down to write one of these just the other day. At that point, the baby was as big as a lemon, now the baby is supposedly the size of a mango. All this talk about fruit is making me hungry. I need a snack. In one more week, I would […]

Embracing Motherhood – Judgement Free

  I will be celebrating my 7th Mother’s Day this year… and what a journey it has been. As I am sitting here in my bed, exhausted from another restless night with a sick 2-year old, waking up to a day that brings deadlines to be met, a gazillion toys scattered all over the floor, dishes in the sink, […]

Our Family Photoshoot With Lauren Pretorius Photography – 2015

A while ago I attended the Cape Town Mom Blog Meet-up (Zayaan wrote a great post about it here) and won a family photoshoot with Lauren Pretorius Photography – I was so excited, I never ever win anything! I was also excited to finally meet Lauren as we have had a couple of exchanges through […]