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When You Get A Little Too Close To Becoming A Statistic

I love our home… I really, really love it. The big windows looking out onto the bush and animal enclosures; watching the full-moon from our makeshift skylight in the loft; the fact that the whole house is actually slightly skew; standing in front of my big stove and looking straight at Table Mountain; The wind […]

Holy Ship Guys – Can We Talk About The Cost Of Schooling?

Before I go too deep down this spiraling rabbit hole of school fees, can I just say that I appreciate teachers. I appreciate the men and women that teach my kids things that I can’t, who look after them and keep them safe while I work my butt off to afford their services. I do […]

A Little Bit Of Nostalgia & Healing – Klein Pella Guest Farm

I had a very different childhood than most – I am acutely aware of that now. I can see it in my husband’s face when I tell him the stories of the adventures we had and how we chose to entertain ourselves. The look of bewilderment, disbelief and confusion mixed with a pang of jealousy. […]

10 Of My Favourite Haunted Places In South Africa

What happens after you die is one of life’s big mysteries, which is one of the reasons I love ghost stories — who’s to say the creepy things we read in books are impossible? Ghost stories are everywhere. Some people believe it and others don’t.  I find ‘real-life’ ghost stories especially fascinating, and love visiting places with […]