Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz – Part 1

If it is not already obvious, my daughter – Mikayla Rose – is the light of my life. To me she is the brightest, most beautiful and funny little girl in the whole wide world.

The world would be an extremely dull place without her… here are some snippets from a live with Mikayla…  

Puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and starts yelling in a Frankenstein voice: “Its Alive…It’s ALIVE… IT’s ALLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!”  

While we are driving in the car on our way to visit family: Mikayla: “Mom, do you think my wish will come true?”  Me: “Well, what is your wish baby?” Mikayla: “That all my kittens will get stuck up a tree”. Um… Okay then…

While I’m getting dressed after a shower: “My boobs aren’t big like yours yet, mom. I can’t lift them up.” Wow…. that stung.

At dinnertime: “Mom if you make me eat my veggies I’m going to stab you with my paintbrush”. Yes, that happened.

Sitting in the lounge: Mikayla: “Mommy!” Me: “Yes babe?” Mikayla: “Not you mom, the mom in my head”. I’m glad I am the voice of your subcontious.

Randomly: “I like flies, they make me thirsty.” What the hell is in the water you are drinking child??

Discussing baking a cake for Ma & Pa: “Mom, when you say cake it makes me go crazy.”  

Mikayla to the two flies buzzing around Knox: “You can’t sit on him, he’s not a chair!”  

While I’m busy choking: “Mommy you are not dying because you are alive all the day. Crazy lady.”  

Me trying to have a nap: “Mom I don’t want you to sleep! I don’t like it when your eyes are closed! I want you to be awake forever!”  

Randomly: “Mom, you are a disaster.”  

Chatting to Cole: “Dad, yesterday I put some food on a stick and made a keboob!”  

Driving home after school: “Dad… Are footprints real?”  

I’m bout to drive into the parking bay at Constantia Village when Mikayla suddenly screams: “Mom I don’t want to die!”  

“I’m a baby horse, hatching out f a horse shell.”   

Caffeine and Fairydust Thing My 4-Year Old Toddler Saiz

I hope you find this as funny as I do!   Lots of love, Maz

19 thoughts on “Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz – Part 1

  1. Gypsy Jangle says:

    These made my afternoon! Reminds me of when Landon (3) – after fetching him from school and taking a corner into our complex (very slowly, in 1st gear), he screams from the back: “WOOOOAAAAAH!!! SSSLLLOWWWWWWW DOWWWWWWNNNN!!!”

  2. Shannon Flewellen says:

    She is so funny! My 9 year old td me the other day that when she dies she wants to be buried in pipe cleaners….This after a monumental pipe cleaner crafting session.

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