Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender Review

Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender Review
You have all seen me use my Tommee Tippee Steamer blender, and starting solids is probably what I get asked about on Instagram the most – that is why I compiled The Big Helpful Post for Starting Solids. I thought it is time to delve a little deeper into the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender and share my experience with you. I have been using this product for about three months now, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to review it. It is such a convenient gadget to have, especially if you enjoy making your own baby food – but find it hard to make the time for it. Tommee Tippee has always been a brand that is committed to making your journey through parenthood just a little easier by inventing products that take the hassle out of time-consuming tasks. To start off with, I think the price tag sometimes deters people from purchasing it. Retailing at about R2299,00* it does not come cheap, but it is important to keep in mind that you are getting two products in one! The idea is that it steams the food and then blends it so that you can make food that your baby would love, but that is also nutritious and healthy without all the added sugar and preservatives Unlike other ready-made purees, it gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what is going into my baby’s food.

So how does it work?

There are three different functions on the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender that you can use: steaming, blending, or steaming and blending. Apart from the + and – to set the timer, as well as the power button, there are only really two other buttons you need to use, each with symbols on them, so it honestly cannot be easier. We are all a tad sleep-deprived, and sometimes you forget to fill up the water tank, to lock it or you don’t place the lid on properly – but this amazing gadget will let you know if that is the case! It will beep and will not switch on until you have done so.


The first step is to fill the water tank up with 450ml of cold water and lock in the water tank lid.


Cut up the food you want to steam or blend into 1cm pieces, weigh out the amount of food you want to cook, and pop it into the container, making sure you attach the knife blade and lock it into place. The reason that it is preferential to weigh out your food is that timings are worked out per 100g so you need to weigh the food out to be able to calculate how long you’ll need to steam it for. Obviously you can use this at your own discretion. The most you can steam in one go is 200g and the maximum steam time is 30 minutes. If you opt for a blend only cycle the maximum you can blend for is 5 minutes. STEP 3 After you have followed those steps you set the timer for the desired length you want to steam and, or, blend. When it’s finished the product beeps loudly and the LCD screen flashes to let you know. IMPORTANT CARE INSTRUCTIONS: You should always inspect the bowl to check that there are no signs of wear. The bowl should have no scars at the bottom, and the blade unit should always be hand washed. Please note the blade unit parts cannot be placed in the dishwasher. You should also ensure the sealing ring is the correct way up. OUR EXPERIENCE I found the Tommee Tippee extremely easy to set up and use. There are very handy instructions provided and not much can go wrong! Cleaning it is a bit of a hassle, but that is the case with any blender regardless of what it is intended for. It is definitely not a quiet machine when the blending process starts, but show me a blender that is! While steaming, it just sounds like your kettle is on boil the whole time, but the noise was not enough to bother me or my sleeping baby. It does beep quite loudly when the programme finishes but I found this quite handy, as inevitably I’d forgotten I’d switched it on!   BUT HOW LONG WILL I USE IT FOR? The product claims to be perfect for all stages of your baby’s development, from first tastes/foods to more chunky and mashed meals. The Steamer Blender is ideal if you want to make purees, and for first tastes, as the consistency of the purees is quite watery. But the great thing about it is that you can also set the timer to suit whatever stage of the weaning process you’re at. For example, you can steam the fruit or vegetables so it’s quite mushy or cook it less so it’s got more texture once your little ones have teeth and are able to chew properly. The only downside is because you have to cut food up into 1cm pieces it’s not so good if you want to use it to steam food for baby-led weaning. It’s quite small so difficult for little ones to grab hold of. That being said, and don’t tell Tommee Tippee this, I have thrown in bigger chunks of carrot and other veg in to steam only without any issues. I can see myself using this well up until Nova is about a year old. I have even used it to make pasta sauces with hidden veggies for my other kids. THE CONSISTENCY The first time I used the steamer blender I tried to steam and blend some apple. I found the resulting sauce to be far too watery. I noticed when you use the steamer some of the water transfers across into the container with the food. So if you want a thicker consistency the best thing to do is pause the cycle as soon as it finishes steaming and tip the water out before blending, or steam and blend separately. Saying that a positive aspect of this baby food steamer blender is that it allows you to choose how long you want to steam and blend for, so you can adapt the textures accordingly. It is definetly case of trial and error, I experimented a few times to work out the consistency I was after. THE FINAL VERDICT The Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender is great for busy mums with a bit of extra cash to spare who want to multi-task while making their baby’s food. It is quite pricey and more of a luxury item than a necessity.  But if you’re not a fan of microwaves and have a little one with allergies and need to make food from scratch then this is the blender for you!   ***DISCLAIMER*** THIS PRODUCT WAS GIFTED TO US FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND DO NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF TOMMEE TIPPEE OR ANY OF THEIR ASSOCIATE COMPANIES****

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