Twisty Petz Unboxing & COMPETITION!

As most of you are aware by now, my two little gremlins started their own YouTube channel after months of begging me to help them. I don’t know what it is about these unboxing videos, but my kids are OBSESSED with them.

Actually, I lie. I completely understand the fascination. When I was little, I loved watching the Verimark infomercial where they used the bedazzler to bedazzle a plain old jacket into something that would bring Britney Spears to tears. In fact, I got my parents to buy me one and I bedazzled EVERYTHING. And who remembers the infomercial with the pan that doesn’t stick or burn pancakes???

Unboxing videos might be a tad annoying to us, but they are perfect for our toddlers because they have an element of reveal/surprise. They are short, and they focus on a single task at a time. Our kids also find them stimulating… After watching a video, Knox and Mikayla would play together for hours mimicking what they saw. That is how Blue Birds Playtime was born, and I love that they have this form of creative self-expression for as long as they want it.


Today they are unboxing Twisty Petz, dazzling bracelets that turn into adorable petz and back! If anything, at least stick around long enough to hear Knox say Koala, then say goodbye to your ovaries (THEY WILL EXPLODE).

From ponies to kitties to magical unicorns, there so many different bejewelled friends to collect! Add pastel, rainbow, pearlescent,
fuzzy or silver Twisty Petz to your set to create bracelets and sparkling necklaces. With over 70 to collect, you may unbox a special edition, limited edition or a super rare new friend!

Feel free to leave them a comment and a thumbs up! I will be reading their comments to them. You will also make their day if you subscribe to their channel!



You can win 2 x Twisty Pets 3 Packs valued at R399.99 each as well as 1 x Twisty Pets Babies 4 Pack valued at R249.99 each! All you have to do is…

  1. Comment on this blog post and tell us what the “fuzzy little cute tiger’s” name is (answer in the video)
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Competition closes at midnight on the 30th of July

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30 thoughts on “Twisty Petz Unboxing & COMPETITION!

  1. Nadine Ellis says:

    Tickles the Tiger 🙂 Just so cute… My daughter Minaya would absolutely LOVE these Twisty pets. She’s already got them on her Xmas Wish list 🙂

  2. Liezl Gardiner says:

    I LOVE these, and I’m sure my daughter will love them too! The fuzzy tiger’s name is tickles tiger 🐯

  3. Ramona says:

    Tickles tiger 🐯 and it looks like she’s a girl because look at her eyelashes♥️ Your kids are adorable!

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